7 foods to keep on hand for hurricane season

While Hurricane Irma meant an impromptu three-week break for some UM students, many Canes had no option other than to stay in South Florida and brave the storm. Amidst the blackouts and water shortages, there was still one thing on everyone’s – food. Ordering in wasn’t an option due to a never-ending list of restaurant closures, and dangerous storm conditions made grocery shopping impossible.

Here are seven foods to keep on hand this hurricane season:

1. Macaroni and Cheese and Ramen Noodle Soup

Easy Mac and Ramen are both quick and easy to make. So these were go-tos for families that had access to a generator or were able to seize a rare moment when power returned.


2. Bottled water and juice boxes

Though they don’t technically qualify as food, water and juice can’t be left out. Families guzzled water to stay hydrated and drank juice to get a little happiness amidst the chaos.


3. Chips

Though they provide little to no nutritional value, comfort foods are a must, especially when surviving a hurricane. Power or no power, chips will always be there in your time of need.


4. Peanut butter and Nutella

Peanut butter and Nutella both have incredible shelf lives, are tasty, and are somewhat nutritious- the perfect recipe for Irma-proof snacks.

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5. Candy

Although candy is definitely not an essential portion of the food pyramid, it helped many students keep their sanity during these difficult times.

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6. Fruit

After all the candy and chips, students needed something to balance their diet.


7. Bread

Not only does bread taste good, it also keeps you full for extended periods of time, which made it the perfect go-to for families and students running low on food.