Prioritize the primary

Sans fanfare, televised debates and near 24/7 news coverage, it’s easy to forget that election is almost here—primary election day, that is.

There is still time, though, to vote on the candidates you hope to see on the November midterms ballot. In fact, Broward and Miami-Dade voters can vote early through Sunday—and if you don’t make it on the weekend, Tuesday is the official election day.

So whether you do it between brunch and the beach, before work or after your Tuesday 12:30, make some time to vote. Though the midterm elections may be devoid of some of the all-too-familiar drama of presidential ones, they count for quite a lot—and when November rolls around, you’ll want to know that you put the best candidate possible on that ballot.

Knowing who that is, of course, depends on you—your values, your causes and what you want from your elected officials. So take some time to familiarize yourself with the candidates—you’ll be better educated on where they stand and, at the very least, come away with some pretty interesting insights into the local political scene. (For example, you’ve probably heard that former University of Miami President Donna Shalala is running for Congress, but did you know that a self-claimed alien abductee is, too, on the Republican side? Or that two friends are both vying for the Democrats’ gubernatorial slot?)

This primary sets the stage for decisions on everything from local malls to gun control. Don’t ever fall into the delusion of thinking your vote, your voice, doesn’t matter.

At least you have one, if you’re a registered voter—one in 10 Florida adults still does not have that right.

The end of last school year saw UM students spearheading activism in big ways, calling for change and collaborating on marches 4,500-strong. This is when we put that momentum to the test. Get into the swing of voting in this year’s primary, and keep it up come November, so that your vote isn’t a “maybe,” but a given—not a chore, but an opportunity.

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