No. 7 UM vs. No. 1 Clemson Live Blog

Credit: Hunter Crenian

ACC Championship Game: No. 7 Miami Hurricanes (10-1, 7-1 ACC) vs. No. 1 Clemson Tigers (11-1, 7-1 ACC)

Here is what you need to know…

FINAL SCORE: Clemson 38 – Miami 3

Rosier: 14-29, 110 yds, 2 ints

Dallas: 6 rushes, 44 yds

Bryant: 23-29, 252 yds, 2 tot tds

3rd Quarter:

Clemson Ball:

To be fair, Miami is without its best running back, receiver and tight end in this game. Not an excuse. But fair to note.

Clemson just brought out their backup QB. In an ACC Championship Game. Yeah that’s how bad this is.

Dion Cain scores. Touchdown. 38-0. Miami should have recovered the fumble, but didn’t.

Even the football knows that Miami doesn’t deserve a Turnover Chain right now.

Miami Ball:

Rosier pass deflected, and another turnover. Pass intercepted.

Clemson Ball:

Four different runners have scored for Clemson. Running back Tavien Feaster is the latest to score, 11-yard touchdown rush. Clemson 31 – Miami 0. 

Miami has won the turnover battle in nine-straight games. Not tonight.

Miami Ball:

Rosier throws interception, not his fault. Ball goes right through Langham’s hands and into those of Tigers’ defensive back. Two guys that needed to step up in the absence of Ahmmon Richards – Jeff Thomas and Darrell Langham – with back-to-back turnovers.

Clemson Ball:

Huge sack for UM’s Joe Jackson. Miami defense once again giving the team opportunities. Just a question of when the Canes will take advantage. Clemson punts.

Miami Ball:

Just Miami’s fourth fumble of the season.

Rosier finally hits Jeff Thomas for a first down. Only problem, he fumbled. Clemson recovers at the Miami 47-yard line.

Clemson Ball:

Even Clemson’s inconsistent kicker is scoring against Miami. He typically struggles from 40 yards and out. That one was a 46-yarder. Good. Clemson 24 – Miami 0.

Miami Ball:

Rosier sacked on third down. Miami punts … Again. Dexter Lawrence makes it past line unguarded.

Rosier with a 16-yard rush for the first down. Longest offensive play of the night for Miami.

First play of second half, Rosier gets swatted down by Wilkins.

HALFTIME SCORE: Clemson 21 – Miami 0

Rosier: 6-12, 27 yds, 0 td

Homer: 9 rushes, 28 yds

Bryant: 15-20, 164 yds passing, 1 rushing td

2nd Quarter:

Clemson Ball:

If Rosier makes that early throw to Thomas, and Badgley makes his field goals, Canes could have at least 6 points right now.

In just about every game UM has won this season, Rosier has scored a touchdown or set up a touchdown off a deep pass. It only takes one. He has not had the chance to attempt too many to this point in the game.

Miami Ball:

Homer rushes for 7 yards … Best run of the night so far against the stout Clemson D-line.

Miami will start with the ball on the Clemson 39-yard line. Good field position.

Clemson Ball:

Canes defense with some good signs over the last couple drives. Bryant has missed his last five throws. But none of that matters if Rosier keeps missing receivers.

The Canes without any energy right now. It takes one play to get your team back into it mentally. Who will be the guy to step up and get his teammates pumped up?

Miami Ball:

The Hurricanes’ story is a confusing one. Shuts down both the Virginia Tech and Notre Dame quarterbacks, then lets the next two quarterbacks have nearly perfect games on them. Of the two categories, Bryant is in the latter right now.

Clemson Ball:

There it is. After letting Clemson complete their first 7 third downs, the Hurricanes get pressure on Bryant and a stop. Tigers punt, Miami with the ball with 5:37 left in the half.

When will Miami force Bryant to make his first mistake? If ever.

Bryant: 12-12, 136 yds, 1 td
Rosier: 4-8, 14 yards, 0 td
That’s all there is to say.

That Turnover Chain Miami has gotten 29 times this year. Yeah, they need that more than ever right now.

Miami Ball:

Rosier misses Jeff Thomas again. Wide open. Routine throw. It’s the same old story.

Injuries to receivers. Rosier getting knocked down on the quarterback rush. Nothing going right for Miami.

Clemson Ball:

21-0. Running back Adam Choice uncontested 1-yard rush for the touchdown. Clemson absolutely crushing Miami.

1st Quarter:

Clemson Ball:

This is the largest 1st quarter lead in the 14-year history of the ACC Championship Game.

Miami’s pass rush completely shut down in the first quarter. Can’t get passed the O-line of Clemson. Men against boys right now. Tigers up 14-0 at the end of 1st Quarter.

Miami Ball:

Any other game, Berrios has that catch. Not a bad throw. But Clemson’s defense knows what they’re doing. Hits him mid-air, forcing the incompletion.

First sack of the game, and Clemson’s 41st of the season. Christian Wilkins gets to Rosier on 2nd down.

Clemson Ball:

139 total yards for Clemson. 22 for Miami right now. That says it all.

Perfect offensive execution. Bryant catches Miami hanging back in zone. Everyone covered? No problem. He runs it in for an 11-yard touchdown. 14-0 Clemson with 3:02 left in the 1st quarter. Tigers with all momentum.

Things are just too easy for the Tigers right now. Every throw for Bryant is in rhythm with no pressure anywhere around him.

Almost a Turnover Chain. But Malek Young unable to reel in the loose ball.

Miami Ball:

Uh oh. Bad sign early. Senior kicker Michael Badgley misses the 46-yard field goal wide left. Score still 7-0 Clemson up.

Creative play call. Didn’t work. Rosier rolls right and gets it across the field to Berrios, who has no room to go.

Homer for no gain. Can’t help but think that against the defensive line of Clemson, we might be saying that a lot tonight.

What do we have here. Fumble on the Miami punt? Hurricanes ball in great field position. The game’s first turnover. Trent Harris gets the chain.

Starting quarterback Malik Rosier underthrows deep ball to wide open Jeff Thomas. Missed opportunities on deep throws have been an issue the past couple weeks.

First play of offense for the Hurricanes, a 4-yard rush for sophomore running back Travis Homer.

Clemson Ball:

Scary how easy the Tigers made that drive look. Bryant looking sharp early, 4-4 for 48 yards already. Miami couldn’t get pressure. That needs to change if they want to win this game.

And there’s the first score of the game. In the blink of an eye, Clemson made it look easy. Running back Travis Etienne gets his 13th rushing touchdown of the season on a 4-yard rush. Clemson up early 7-0 at 10:36 mark of the first quarter.

Renfrow with his third reception. Clemson in the red zone in under four minutes.

Freshman nickelback Trajan Bandy shaken up on that play, walks off the field with help after injury.

3rd-and-6: Quarterback Kelly Bryant makes his first big throw, completes pass to receiver Hunter Renfrow for 14 yards and 1st down.

Miami fans are making themselves known in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Setting the stage

It all comes down to this. Win and get in. The winners of the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions meet to not only decide who will win the conference title, but likely who will also earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.