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Outfit guide: Be a stand-out at Art Basel

Created in 1970, Art Basel Miami hosts annual international art shows with works from artists all around the world. New artists are able to showcase their art and exhibit their projects to a broad audience here. Art Basel attracts a great deal of popularity and recognition every year so it’s important to rock a unique look.

Tropical Miami

This floral set is perfect for the Miami weather while giving a casual yet trendy flare for a visit to Art Basel shows. The sunglasses and platform espadrilles dress up the set by adding some height and style to the outfit.

Daisy Dream

Denim is great for a trip to Art Basel. The baby blue fringe earrings and phone case are great accessories and the daisy platform sneakers are perfect for walking around in comfort and style.

Glamour Girl

This chic earth-tone dress is great for a more elegant look. The heeled booties add to the look along with the fringe bag and natural makeup palette. The shimmer highlighter adds a little sparkle to the elegance of the overall outfit.

Clean Cut

Suede shoes are always a must during winter. These go great with khaki pants and a plain button down for a simple but clean look to wear to Art Basel. The brown leather watch adds to the tidiness of the outfit while simultaneously accessorizing with taste.

Laid-back Dude

Because the weather can be quite unpredictable in Miami, a plain T-shirt with a trendy sweatshirt jacket is perfect for a winter day in South Beach. The gray sneakers are practical for walking around an art exhibit while still holding together the outfit nicely. The watch and matching wallet are two great accessories that would be very handy for a day at Art Basel.

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