Gallery: Homecoming King and Queen Pageant

Senior Gabrielle Hand smiles moments after she being crowned the Homecoming Queen of 2017. Photo credit: Vanessa Gonzalez

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Senior Gabrielle Hand and junior Anthony Preston took home both the Queen and King titles on behalf of Undergraduate Black Students (UBS) during “The Fairest of Them All,” the 2017 Homecoming pageant on Oct. 30. Brianna Valdes, representing Federación de Estudiantes Cubanos (FEC), was named Homecoming Princess, and Carlos Rohl of Association of Commuter Students (ACS) was named Homecoming Prince. Check out our photo recap from the event.

An excited audience throws up the "U" they the judges announce the King and Queen of Homecoming 2017. Photo credit: Vanessa Gonzalez
Noah Gardner sings and plays the guitar as part of the talent portion of the competition. Photo credit: Hunter Crenian
Gabrielle Greenberg performs her "School Sprit" act Monday evening. Photo credit: Vanessa Gonzalez
DSC01559-2 copy.jpg
Contestant Brianna Valdes, representing FEC, performs during the "School Spirit" category of the competition. Valdes won the title of Homecoming Princess. Photo credit: Hunter Crenian
Jordyn Satterfield and Noah Gardner perform their rehearsed "School Spirit" act. Photo credit: Vanessa Gonzalez
Senior Alex Klar, participating for FEC, steps up to the podium to introduce himself to the Homecoming judges. Photo credit: Hunter Crenian
Homecoming King Anthony Preston and Queen Gabrielle Hand take the stage as they are announced the winners of the Homecoming King and Queen Pageant. Both Preston and Gabrielle were representing UBS. Photo credit: Vanessa Gonzalez