Blue Bottle brews for a purpose

Sustainability. Hospitality. Deliciousness. These are the three pillars of Blue Bottle, a coffee shop that just opened its doors to the Miami community in the Design District. Blue Bottle, which has locations in California, New York and Tokyo, prides itself on its great service, exquisite coffee and friendly environment.

However, it’s not your average coffee house. Blue Bottle is giving back to those in need.

The Blue Bottle Foundation began as a way to champion and fundraise for various causes, connecting each coffee shop with a local charity.

“We really want to stand up for what we believe in,” said Rose Bridges, community manager for Blue Bottle.

The new Blue Bottle Miami has partnered with local charity Lotus House, a women’s shelter providing support for women and children in need. It provides services to rescue and rehabilitate women from difficult and abusive situations.

The baristas of Blue Bottle participate in a community activism day at Lotus House at which they volunteer for eight hours, while still getting paid as if they worked as a barista for the day.

“We choose a new charity for each location we open,” Bridges said. “Before the opening of the store, we host a community day. There is free coffee for the entire neighborhood, and any proceeds of that day are donated back to the charity.”

Bridges also said that Blue Bottle plans to train and hire women who come out of Lotus House who need a job.

“We want to welcome everyone and keep our doors open and as friendly as possible,” she said.

Blue Bottle offers no free Wi-Fi, as a way to encourage face-to-face interaction and real conversation between guests.

“We really hope for a break from technology in order to fully enjoy the coffee,” Bridges said.

In addition to paying close attention to the flavors and roasting of the coffee, Blue Bottle is also focusing on decreasing its imprint on the planet.

“All the cups are decomposable,” Bridges said. “We also try to source everything responsibly, as we champion sustainability.”