Newsroom opened doors to unique experiences, friendships

As I look back at my time in college, I would not have been able to attend half of the events that I did without The Miami Hurricane.

Throughout my time as a staff photographer, assistant photo editor and finally photo editor, I have gained an extensive portfolio of photos, important connections and, most importantly, life-long friends. I’ve attended Ultra Music Festival, South Beach Food & Wine Festival and NCAA tournaments for free thanks to the beauty of a media pass. Although there are many people to thank, there are a few notable people I’d like to mention.

First, to our past photo editor Nick, thanks for not firing me when Alex wanted to because I missed an event. Next, to our EIC Julie, who has taken on one of the most action-packed years, helping us to create a paper week after week, filled with engaging stories and beautiful photos to match. To Jackie, who has kept me sane with constant updates and rundown reminders. To Isa, Marcus and Amanda, for challenging me to think outside the box for creative photo concepts and checking the rundown eight times a day to see if it was updated yet. To Isaiah, who shares my love of sports and my hatred of liars. To Sherman, who has transformed the website to provide a platform for our photos to be seen and shared. To Savanah, without whom this newspaper and our photos would be nothing.

And lastly to Hallee, who has been my partner in crime for the past two years. Hal, thank you for dealing with my crazy mood swings, eating dinner with me at the Rat every week and being the best co and best friend I could’ve asked for. To my future photo editors, Hunter and Amanda, you are both going to accomplish incredible things. I trust you to keep the photos and covers strong, and I know you both will come to love weekly photo meetings.

Enjoy every late night deadline, every sporting and music event and every day you get to be a part of one of the best organizations on campus. I am so grateful to have spent the last four years of my college career with some of the most wonderful, smart, talented, funny and bold people UM has to offer. I love you guys. Thank you for making my college experience so incredible.

Victoria McKaba will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in biology.