Student media leaders elected

A slate of new editors will be taking over the reins of Distraction Magazine, Ibis Yearbook and The Miami Hurricane next year after the annual Board of Publications elections.

Marissa Vonesh, a double major in journalism and history, was elected as the editor-in-chief for Distraction Magazine for the 2017-2018 school year. She became involved with Distraction her freshman year and has served as managing editor and executive editor for four issues. Vonesh said she is looking forward to enhancing the team aspect of the Distraction staff next year.

“I want to combine journalism and art to inform the student body,” Vonesh said.

Junior public relations major Alize Ramirez is the editor-in-chief elect for the Ibis Yearbook. She previously served as the lifestyle editor and organizations editor.

“I decided I was ready to take on this position in hopes of bringing fresh ideas,” Ramirez said. “I’m excited to bind a year of memories into a book that students can look back on.”

Editors-in-chief aren’t the only positions shifting next year. The Miami Hurricane (TMH) will be beginning next year with a new business manager, sophomore Ryan Yde.

“I have a great deal of pride in the work that was done before me in building this brand and intend to keep marching toward excellence,” Yde said in a message.

Yde, who is majoring in political science and minoring in international studies, has been a sales representative for TMH for a year and a half.

For junior Isabella Cueto, the editor-in-chief elect of The Miami Hurricane, running for the position was foreshadowed. Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Whitely told Cueto she could see her becoming editor one day in one of Cueto’s first interviews as a freshman. Cueto, the current news editor, said she ran for editor-in-chief because she felt she had the experience to be an effective leader for a place she calls her “home on campus.”

“It’s allowed me to, in a way, try out every org and every major and every interest on campus without actually being a part of it,” Cueto said. “I get to be a bio major and member of the community garden and a professor of anthropology, just by reporting on it.”