V: Tips for stress-free flings over break

Ah, spring break. Time to kick back, soak up the sun and try something new. Between partying with friends and spending time with family, you might find yourself needing to let off some steam. For some, that means going on a shopping spree or binge-watching Netflix. But for others, that means finding a new fling.

Hoping to turn your break into a week of commitment-free bliss? V has you covered.

Don’t fan old flames.

It’s tempting to hit up your ex from high school if you’re going home. You know the chemistry’s already there, so it’s easy. But if you had feelings for them back then, don’t expect your feelings to magically disappear now. Sure, you’re only looking for casual sex, but emotions are tricky. Don’t risk falling for someone from your past all over again just for a quick fix.

Try tech.

Dating apps are like speed dating, but you can use them at 3 a.m. while sitting naked on the toilet. You’ve got a limited timeframe, so use apps to your advantage. Try out Tinder, Bumble or Grindr, depending upon your preference, and start sending messages. No fancy clothes or expensive drinks necessary.

Know your lingo.

Hookup culture has its own slang and set of rules. If you don’t know what DTF, NSA and ghosting mean by now, it’s time to study up. Don’t get ditched by potential flings because you’re scrambling to word your texts with just the right amount of cool nonchalance.

Tell it straight.

If you’re not interested in someone, don’t lead them on. Sure, it’s tempting to message that hottie who wants a relationship, but it’s not right to act like you’re looking for something serious just to get with someone. Be direct. Not everyone wants the same thing, but there’s plenty of noncommittal fish in the random hookup sea.

Stay safe.

This goes without saying, but let’s say it anyway. Get tested, no studying involved, before and after each partner. If that’s more than you can handle for one week, still use protection during any kind of sexual activity. Yes, oral counts – the herps don’t care what type of foreplay you like – and if you’re engaging in straight sex, remember birth control. If your partner pressures you to go bare, abandon ship. After all, this is a quick hookup. How many other randos have they slept with sans protection? Ew.

Keep these tips in mind when getting down, and you’re sure to come back with fun memories, great stories and (hopefully) nothing contagious this spring break.