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Super Bowl LI ads blend politics with humor, heartfelt messages

Super Bowl LI was one for the ages, with a historic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, along with Lady Gaga’s monumental halftime show. However, there was also plenty to see between all of the action-packed moments. Here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials this year had to offer, from the wacky to the heartfelt.

Starting off on an emotional and political note, we have this cinematic 90-second spot from the folks at 84 Lumber. The commercial, reminiscent of a short film, shows a mother and daughter embarking on a difficult journey from Mexico to the United States, undoubtedly serving as a comment on the human side of some of today’s political actions and attitudes. If you want to see the conclusion to the story, catch the full, five-and-a-half-minute version of the commercial on 84 Lumber’s website or YouTube channel.

Featuring the now four-time Super Bowl MVP himself, Intel’s Super Bowl ad gave a sneak peek into some of the brand-new camera technology that was implemented during the big game. Showing Brady waking up, brushing his teeth and eating a pancake off the floor, all in 360 degrees, this commercial proved that even GOATs have a sense of humor.

Famed mascot Spuds McKenzie made an appearance from beyond the grave in this irreverent spin on “A Christmas Carol.” Packed with sharp, witty dialogue, the spot has Spuds taking an unsuspecting homebody named Brian through an assortment of good times he’s missed out on – all of which feature Bud Light, of course. By the time Ghost Spuds vanishes back into the ether, you’ll be left with a good laugh or two, a dose of nostalgia and, possibly, a thirst for watery domestic beer.

 Name a more iconic duo than Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Double entendres abound in this one, as Snoop searches his pockets for a bag of, well, what you’d expect the Dogg to be carrying a bag of. Martha’s guesses range from “greenery … for your topiary garden” to a “can of bisque,” but she never quite lands on the right answer.

As always, this year’s Super Bowl ads delivered, with perhaps a more diverse range of humor, emotion and weirdness than years past. If you still haven’t had your fill of commercials, head over to YouTube’s AdBlitz gallery to check out every spot and vote for your favorites.

Feature image courtesy Pixabay user PublicDomainPictures

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