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‘Cane Records upcoming compilation album features unique sounds, talented student musicians

Though there is no shortage of student involvement groups at UM, few are quite as cool as UM’s very own student-run record label, ‘Cane Records. The label has been hard at work since it was first founded in 1993, and it has tackled all kinds of projects focused on UM musicians over the past 24 years.

Most recently, ‘Cane Records turned its attention toward assembling killer compilation albums, packed to the brim with songs from our university’s talented musicians. Spring 2016’s record, aptly titled “For The Record,” featured amazing tunes from student artists like Souvenir, ZOLA and Gabriel Berenbaum, and spanned genres ranging from hip-hop to country. The album even won the 2016 Independent Music Award for “Best Album Compilation.”

“It was a pleasure,” said singer-songwriter Berenbaum when asked about his experience being featured on the album. “I was able to share my music with the help of a team of people who were passionate and motivated.”

For 2017, the label has a new compilation record in the works, dubbed “For The Record Vol. 2.”  The lineup is stacked with some of the most talented artists that the Frost School of Music has to offer, including Berenbaum, rock band Electric Church and pop-country artist Meghan Campbell.

As for the overall vision for this year’s album and the related events that ‘Cane Records puts on throughout the year, President Cristian Hitchcock has high hopes.

“I want this year to be a lot more involved with events that appeal to students across the school, and showcases or gigs around Miami for the musicians we end up selecting,” Hitchcock said.

When it comes to the sonic palette of the new album, the name of the game is uniqueness.

“We are really pushing for more variety with this compilation,” Hitchcock said. “We get categorized as a pop-centric label, but I want to find those bands that are really trying to do something different.”

Whether you’re a musician here at UM or just an avid music fan, this year’s compilation album, to be released in the spring, is definitely something to be excited about. Make sure to follow ‘Cane Records on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify to stay updated on the album and the record label’s live-music events.

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