The View: 26 signs you watch too much HGTV

    • You start to identify shows by the couples that star in it.
    • Chip and Joanna are like your TV mom and dad…
    • …and are also every couples goal imaginable.
    • You’ve developed your own opinions on mid-century vs. modern homes, laminate vs. wood flooring, and marble vs. granite countertops.
    • “Bathroom” is a word of the past. You now solely say “en suite” when referring to the master bath.
    • If you don’t have a reclaimed wood barn door that opens to your pantry when you become a homeowner, then what’s the point?
    • You feel personally attacked when the couples on “Love It or List It” get mad at Hillary for not renovating every room she originally promised.
    • You also ship David and Hillary despite how poorly David acts when he pretends to be on the phone.
    • “Shiplap” is often used in everyday conversation.


    • You could probably win “Flea Market Flip” even though you don’t have one ounce of creativity or a background in design.
    • You have seen so many episodes of “Fixer Upper” that if you were dropped in Waco, Texas, you could find your way around.
    • You firmly stand by your belief that “House Hunters International” is so much better than “House Hunters.”
    • You always fall in love with the wrong “House Hunters” home.
    • Every TV in your home automatically turns on to HGTV.
    • You’ve gotten past how awful Tarek and Christina are at acting and have come to accept that they will always “accidentally” go thousands of dollars over budget every episode.


    • You can tell the Property Brothers apart with no hesitation.
    • You also have a favorite Property Brother.
    • You will sit through a “Flip or Flop” episode you’ve already seen four times…
    • …and sometimes the drama that comes out of a renovation is equivalent to that of a soap opera.
    • Any time you walk into a house, you can intelligently comment on flooring, backsplashes, crown molding, kitchen countertops, etc.
    • You think you should have considered Baylor University just so you could live in Waco.
    • You think you also should have considered Tulane University just for the “Brothers Take New Orleans” spinoff.


  • You don’t quite understand how every house renovation on every show is originally estimated at $30,000 but you’ve learned to be okay with it.
  • If Plan A doesn’t work out, at least you know you could find success as a realtor after your hours of “studying” HGTV…
  • …and if not real estate, at least the home staging business.
  • You don’t just relate to a few of the signs – you relate to all of them.