Faculty, staff stand for ‘climate of mutual respect’ at University of Miami

A letter originally drafted by several English professors addressing the post-election climate has now collected 502 interdepartmental signatures. Read our accompanying news story here.

To the University of Miami community,

We, the undersigned, are University of Miami faculty who stand against acts and words of hate and intimidation directed at any member of the University community in the aftermath of the US presidential election. Such acts and words violate the core values of this institution: diversity, integrity, responsibility, compassion, and teamwork. We are proud that our student body and the people who work at this university come from all over the United States and the world, speak many languages, are of many races, sexualities, and gender identities, and hold many faiths. This University is at the forefront of the science of climate change, and we live at a crossroads of many cultures. We welcome President Frenk’s Veterans Day affirmation of UM as an “exemplary university that fosters respectful dialogue on challenging topics in the quest to find truth and understand each other better.” We stand ready to defend the University and its community against acts and words that violate these core values and spread fear.

Before and after November 8 there have been numerous acts of hate and intimidation directed towards people of color, immigrants, people without papers, LGBT people, Muslims and Jews, people with disabilities, and women. We have heard political rhetoric that promotes an idea of American national identity from which many are permanently excluded. There has been disdain for the results of scientific research on climate change and the impact of sea-level rise on our region. As teachers and scholars, we stand for open inquiry, equal rights, and a livable planet; we condemn all acts of intolerance and anything that contributes to the creation of a “post-truth” world. Joining other faculty across the country, we pledge that our classrooms, labs, libraries, and offices will remain spaces where the targeting of anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and/or disability is unacceptable, that we will speak out against intolerance, and that we will do our very best to model and teach critical thinking.

We hope you will join us in making sure our campus remains a community of belonging, dedicated to the collective pursuit of new knowledge in a climate of mutual respect.

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Lilian Abbo, M.D.—Miller School of Medicine

Lauren Abern—Obstetrics & Gynecology

David Abraham—School of Law

Alexandre Abreu—Miller School of Medicine

Carlos Abril—Frost School of Music

Chantel Acevedo—English

Orlando Acevedo—Chemistry

Crystal Adams—Sociology

Soyeon Ahn—Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, College of Education and Human Development

David Ake—Musicology, Frost School of Music

Anthony V. Alfieri—School of Law

Joseph Alkana—English

Jafari Allen—Anthropology

Nelson Alvarez—Architecture

Roger Alvarez, DO—Medicine

Steve L. Alves—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Sharon Andrade-Bucknor—Miller School of Medicine

Debbie Anglade—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Traci Ardren–Anthropology

Bridget Christine Arce—Modern Languages & Literatures

Robin Bachin—History

Bruce Bagley—International Studies

Lisa Baker—UM Libraries

Sierra Bainter—Psychology

Wayne Balkan—Medicine

Shawn Banks—Anesthesiology

Candace Barbot—School of Communication

Grace Barnes—School of Communication

W. Brian Barrett—Finance

Ellen Barrett—Physiology & Biophysics

Susana Barroso-Fernandez—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Anthony Barthelemy—English

Jill Barton—School of Law

Mabel Basterrechea—Modern Languages & Literatures

Rich Beckman—School of Communication

Anabel Bejerano—Counseling Program, School of Education and Human Development

Linda Liska Belgrave—Sociology

Bruno Benedetti—Mathematics

Charles Bergeron—Frost School of Music

Michelle Berkovits—Pediatrics

Michael Bernath—History

Laura Bianchi—Physiology & Biophysics

Dina Birman—School of Education and Human Development

Darren Blaney—Theatre Arts / Women’s & Gender Studies

Merike Blofield—Political Science

Bonnie B. Blomberg—Miller School of Medicine

Chris Boardman—Frost School of Music

Lina Bofill—Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Jaswinder Bolina—English

Caroline Bradley—School of Law

Jomills Henry Braddock II–Sociology

Eva Silot Bravo—Modern Languages & Literatures

Ava Brillat—UM Libraries

James Britton—English

Kenny Broad—Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy

Erin Brown—Journalism & Media Management

Stefanie Brown—Internal Medicine / Pediatrics

Hari Brundavanam—Medicine

Otávio Bueno—Philosophy

Lydia Buki—Educational and Psychological Studies

Melissa Burley—English

Gregory Bush—History

Michael Bush—Theatre Arts

Melvin L. Butler—Musicology

Steven Butterman—Modern Languages & Literatures

Patricia M Byers, MD—Miller School of Medicine

James Byrne—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Alberto Cairo—School of Communication

Dexter Callender—Religious Studies

Michael Campos—Miller School of Medicine

Aldo Pavon Canseco—Miller School of Medicine

Cristina Canton—Architecture

Margaret Cardillo—Cinema & Interactive Media

Robert Carnochan—Frost School of Music

Adam Carrico—Public Health Sciences

Luly Casares—Psychology

Devin Caserta—Art and Art History

Anita Cava—School of Business Administration

Wendy Cavendish—School of Education & Human Development

Thomas H. Champney—Cell Biology

Sandra Chaparro MD—Medicine

Juan Chattah—Frost School of Music

Sanjeev Chattejee—Cinema & Interactive Media/Journalism & Media Management

Sumita Dutt Chatterjee—History/Women’s and Gender Studies

Nirupa Chaudhari—Miller School of Medicine

Zoey Chen—School of Business Administration

Chei Hee Chua–Business

Elijah Chudnoff—Philosophy

Christina Civantos—Modern Languages & Literatures

Angela Clark—UM Libraries

Eugene Clasby—English

Joshua Coco—Master of Professional Science Program, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Don D. Coffman—Music Education

Donna Coker—School of Law

Kevin Collins—Biology

Logan Connors—Modern Languages & Literatures

Mary Coombs—School of Law

Charlton C. Copeland—School of Law

Caroline Mala Corbin—School of Law

Jaime Correa—Architecture

Fiorella Cotrina—Modern Languages & Literatures

Shawn Crouch—Frost School of Music

Anne Cruz—Modern Languages & Literatures

Holly Cukier—Neurology & Institute for Human Genomics

Jacquline Curbelo—Anesthesiology

Chris Curry—Obstetrics & Gynecology

Nitika Dabas—Miller School of Medicine

Gerhard Dahl—Physiology & Biophysics

Julia Dallman—Biology

Susan Dandes—Miller School of Medicine

Louise Davidson-Schmich—Political Science

Marvin P. Dawkins—Sociology

Andrew Dawson—School of Law

David Deehl—School of Law

Victor Deupi—Architecture

Paul Deveney—English

Heather Diack—Art and Art History

Viviana Díaz Balsera—Modern Languages & Literatures

Daniel DiResta—Biology

Don Donelson—School of Business Administration

Jeff Donnelly—American Studies

Rebecca Doran—Modern Langauges & Literatures

William Drennan—Ocean Sciences

June Teufel Dreyer—Political Science

Adrienne DuBois—Biology

Pamela Dudkiewicz—Hematology & Oncology

Victoria Orrego Dunleavy—Communication Studies

Michel Dupagne—Journalism & Media Management

Batya Elbaum—Teaching and Learning

Eduardo Elena—History

Jill Ehrenreich-May—Psychology

Karl Evans—Art and Art History

Scot Evans—Educational and Psychological Studies

Caleb Everett—Anthropology

Simon Evnine—Philosophy

Joan Martínez Evora—School of Business Administration

Clay Ewing—Cinema & Interactive Media

Ashley Falcon—School of Nursing

Jack W. Fell—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Zanita Fenton—School of Law

Juliana Fernandes—Strategic Communication

Veronica A. Fernandez—Psychology

Jason Ferrante—Frost School of Music

Tanira Ferreira, MD—Medicine

Margaret Donaghue Flavin—Frost School of Music

Michelle Fletcher—Obstetrics & Gynecology

Francesca Forrestal—Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Lauren Fralinger—UM Libraries

Donette Francis—English

Serena Francois—Biology

Mary Anne Franks—School of Law

Kathryn Freeman—English

A. Michael Froomkin—School of Law

Doug Fuller—Geography

John Funchion—English

M. Evelina Galang—English

Bonnie Galvez—School of Nursing

Joseph Ganitsky—School of Business Administration

Hannah Gardener—Miller School of Medicine

Karina Gattamorta—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Pamela Geller—Anthropology

Marc Gellman—Psychology

Adriane Gelpi–Miller School of Medicine

Xin Geng—Management

German Giese—Miller School of Medicine

Enrique Ginzburg—Surgery

Luis Glaser—College of Arts & Sciences

Peter Glynn—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/3″]

Krista Goff—History

Laura Gomez-Mera—Political Science

George Gonzalez–Political Science

Juan M Gonzalez—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Thomas Goodmann—English

Valerie Gramling—English

Elena Grau-Lleveria—Modern Languages & Literatures

Andrew Green—English

Henry Green—Religious Studies

Steven Green—Biology

Paul Groff—Biology

Stephen Guerra–Frost School of Music

Nicole Guerrero—School of Communication

Tracy Devine Guzmán—Modern Languages & Literatures

Marta Gierczyk—English/American Studies

Tassie Gwilliam—English

Toni Eyssallenne—Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Karl Gunther—History

Anthony Gyamfi—Miller School of Medicine

Christine M. Hagan—Management

Melissa Hale—Psychology

Neil Hammerschlag—Marine Ecosystems & Society

Pamela Hammons—English

Kaitlin Hanger—Art & Art History

Dennis Hansell—Ocean Sciences

Tyler Harrison—School of Communication

Beth Harry—Education and Human Development

Greg Hartley, PT, DPT—Physical Therapy

Christi Hayez—School of Business Administration

Keene Haywood—Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy

Scott Heerman—History

Karen Henson—Musicology

Dalton Hesley—Marine Biology and Ecology

Andrea Heuson—School of Business Administration

Ralph Heyndels—Modern Languages & Literatures

Jennifer Hill—School of Law

Risto Hilpinen—Philosophy

Judy Hood—English

Mary Hooshmand—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Sallie Hughes—Journalism & Media Management

Anthony Hynes—Atmospheric Sciences

Elizabeth M. Iglesias—School of Law

Thomas Iglesias—Otolaryngology

David Ikard—English

Brendan Balcerak Jackson—Psychology

Magdalena Balcerak Jackson—Philosophy

Robert M. Jackson—Miller School of Medicine

William Jacobs—UM Libraries

Osamudia James—School of Law

Chris Janiszewski—School of Business Administration

Amanda Jensen-Doss—Psychology

Anito Joseph—Management Science

Angel Kaifer—Chemistry

Catherine Millas Kaiman—School of Law

Dorothea Kadarian—Miller School of Medicine

Trudy Kane—Frost School of Music

Roger Kanet—Political Science

Jill Kaplan—Psychology

Bryan Kaschube—Theatre Arts

Chryso P. Katsoufis—Miller School of Medicine

Lynne Katz—Psychology

Elizabeth S. Katzen—School of Business Administration

Joyce Kaufman—Surgery

Robert W. Keane—Physiology and Biophysics

Tim Kelly—Architecture

Karen Kennedy—Frost School of Music

Jeffrey Kerr—Management

Soyoon Kim—School of Communication

Lisa Dozier King—Theatre Arts

Mary Lou King—Cell Biology

David W. Kling—Religious Studies

Casey Klofstad—Political Science

Gregory Koger—Political Science

Laura Kohn-Wood—School of Education and Human Development

Katherine Komis—English

Alexis Koskan—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Villy Kourafalou—Ocean Sciences

Dana Krempels—Biology

Stefanie Krick—Medicine

Annette M. La Greca–Psychology

Mario Landera—Otolaryngology

Christina Lane—Cinema & Interactive Media

Juliano Laran—Marketing

Jeff Larson—Art & Art History

Peter Larsson—Physiology & Biophysics

Tamara Lave—School of Law

Debbiesiu Lee—Educational and Psychological Studies

Joycelyn Lee—Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Duba Barbara Leibell—Cinema and Interactive Media

Howard Lieberman—Surgery

Daniel J Liebl—Miller School of Medicine

Marni Lennon—School of Law

David Letson—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Jordan Levin—Journalism & Media Management

Peter Lewis—Philosophy

Mary Lindemann—History

Gary Lindsay—Frost School of Music

Sybil Lipschultz—History

Miriam Lipsky—School of Education and Human Development

Maria Llabre—Psychology

Adam Lloyd—Miller School of Medicine

J. Tomas Lopez—Art and Art History

Elizabeth Losin—Psychology

Jiangang Luo—Marine Ecology and Society

Peter Luykx—Biology

Billie Lynn—Art and Art History

Michelle Maldonado—Religious Studies

April Mann—English

Tommy Manuel—Architecture

Lillian Manzor—Modern Languages & Literatures

Gina Maranto—Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy

Louis Herns Marcelin—Anthropology

Esther Mathurin–School of Nursing and Health Studies

Eden R. Martin—Miller School of Medicine

Erika Marulanda-Londono, MD—Neurology

Adela D. Mattiazi—Miller School of Medicine

Anita Maurer—Miller School of Medicine

Brian McCabe—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Philip McCabe—Psychology

Patrick A. McCarthy—English

Douglas McCullough—Frost School of Music

Bradford R. McGuinn—Political Science

John W. McManus—Marine Biology & Ecology

Nathalie McNeil—Pediatrics

Anuj Mehrotra—School of Business Administration

Maite Mena—School of Education and Human Development

Liza Merly—Marine Biology & Ecology

Daniel Messinger—Psychology

Kelly Miller—UM Libraries

Michael Miller—History

Peter Minnett—Ocean Sciences

Mecker Moller—Surgery

Ramon Montero—Biomedical Engineering

Kimberly Sena Moore—Frost School of Music

Steven Moore—Frost School of Music

Lenny Moreno—Art & Art History

Paige Morgan—UM Libraries

Susan E. Morgan—School of Communication

Michael Mueller—Internal Medicine

Karl Muench—Miller School of Medicine

Jessica Wendorf Muhamad—Public Health Sciences

Ken Muller—Physiology & Biophysics

Peter Muller—Geography

Brenna Munro—English

Tom Musca—Cinema & Interactive Media

Nicholas Namias—Miller School of Medicine

Linda L. Neider—Management

Maria L Negrin—Modern Languages & Literatures

Martin Nesvig—History

Holly Neville—Surgery

Joel Nickels—English

MarieGuerda Nicolas—School of Education and Human Development

Amy L. Nielsen—Sociology

Anne E. Norris—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Italo Novoa—Miller School of Medicine

Ashmeet Oberoi—School of Education and Human Development

Donald Oglesby—Frost School of Music

M. Josefina Olascoaaga—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Elizabeth Oldman—English

Kristine O’Phelan MD—Miller School of Medicine

Leigh Osofsky—School of Law

Martha Otis—English

Claire Oueslati-Porter—Women’s and Gender Studies

J. Bryan Page—Anthropology

Frank Palmeri—English

Maria Gracia Pardo—Modern Languages & Literatures

Joseph Parent—Political Science

Claire Paris—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/3″]

Kunal Parker—School of Law

Maria Pattany—Psychology

David Pegel—Frost School of Music

Shara Pelz—School of Law

Willy Perez-Feria—Frost School of Music

Gema Pérez Sánchez—Modern Languages & Literatures

Alexandra Perisic—Modern Languages & Literatures

Natalie Perlin—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Renellys Perez—Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies

William J. Pestle—Anthropology

Samantha Phillips—English

Roxane Pickens—English

Costantino Pischedda—Political Science

Regine Placide—School of Nursing & Health Studies

Giovanna Pompele—Women’s and Gender Studies

David T. Poole—Dean’s Office, College of Engineering

Ileana Porras—School of Law

Paul Posnak—Frost School of Music

Shawn Post—School of Education and Human Development

Brian Powell—Music Education

Rachida Primov—Modern Languages & Literatures

Gerd Daniel Pust—Surgery

Andrew Quartin—Miller School of Medicine

Catalina Quesada-Gómez—Modern Languages & Literatures

Frank Ragsdale—Frost School of Music

Jyotika Ramaprasad—Journalism and Media Management

Kate Ramsey—History

Rishi Rattan—Surgery

Robynne Redmon—Vocal Performance

Jay Rees—Frost School of Music

Kate Reid–Frost School of Music

Pamela Reid—Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Dominique K. Reill—History

Elvira Maria Restrepo—Geography

Jill Richardson—Marine Ecosystems & Society

Alina R. Riesgo—Pediatrics

Terri Robar—UM Libraries

Gretel Rodríguez—Anthropology

Zevensuyy Rodriguez—Cinema and Interactive Media

Rayner Rodriguez Diaz—Miller School of Medicine

Sarahi Rodriguez-Perez—Miller School of Medicine

Claudia P Rojas—Pathology

Jose E. (Logi) Romero-Simpson—School of Business Administration

Stephen Roper—Physiology & Biophysics

Daniel Roose—UM LIbraries

Robert Rosen—School of Law

Jessica Rosenberg—English

Manny Rossi—Modern Languages & Literatures

Michelle Roy—Art & Art History

Shouraseni Sen Roy—Geography

Armando Rubi III—Communications

Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi—Business

Gabriel Ruiz MD, FACS—Miller School of Medicine

Steven Safren—Psychology

Dana Salminen—Frost School of Music

Adina Sanchez-Garcia—English

Gilda Santana—UM Libraries

Daniel Santisteban—School of Education and Human Development

Stephen Sapp—Religious Studies

Patricia Saunders—English

Terri A. Scandura—School of Business Administration

Allison Schifani—Modern Languages & Literatures

Dr. Christian A.I. Schlaerth—Sociology

Neil Schneiderman—Psychology

Chester A. Schriesheim—Management

Joshua Schriftman—English

Carl I Schulman—Miller School of Medicine

Ivonne Schulman—Miller School of Medicine

Deborah Schwartz-Kätes—Frost School of Music

William Scott—Human Genetics

Kathleen Sullivan Sealey—Biology

Christopher Searcy—Biology

William Searcy—Biology

Maureen Seaton—English

Max Seiter, MD—Orthopedics

Sabrina Sembiante—School of Education and Human Development

Mark Shapiro—Business

Tiffany Shinbach—Modern Languages & Literatures

Harvey Siegel—Philosophy

Elizabeth Simpson—Psychology

Elton Skendaj—Political Science

Beatrice Skokan—UM Libraries

Isaac Skromne—Biology

Waleed Sneji—Miller School of Medicine

Rebecca Sharpless—School of Law

Byron Smith—Physical Therapy

Tim Smith—Frost School of Music

William C. Smith—Political Science

Waleed Sneij—Internal Medicine

Jan Sokol-Katz—Sociology

Pablo Souki—Theatre Arts

Jaimee Spector–School of Communication

Donald Spivey—History

Sarah M. St. George—Public Health Sciences

Randy Stano—Journalism and Media Management

David L. Steinberg—Communication Studies

Leonel Sternberg—Biology

Irwin Stotzky—School of Law

Frank Stringfellow—English

Daniel Suman—Marine Ecosystems & Society

Mihoko Suzuki—English

Brent Swanson—Musicology

Jay Sylvestre—UM Libraries

Stephen Symes—Miller School of Medicine

Saneya H. Tawfik–Psychology

Ed Talavera—Cinema and Interactive Media

Fred Telischi—Chair of Otolaryngology

M Lewis Temares—College of Engineering

Samuel Terilli—Journalism & Media Management

Hugh Thomas—History

Lindsay Thomas—English

Amie Thomasson—Philosophy

Annette Torres—School of Law

Kathryn Tosney—Biology

Michael Touchton–Political Science

Claudia Townsend—Marketing

Lien Tran—Cinema and Interactive Media

Nikki Traylor-Knowles—Marine Biology & Ecology

Boriana Treadwell—Journalism & Media Management

Robert Treadwell—Journalism & Media Management

Craig J. Trocino—School of Law

Sunny Tsai—Strategic Communication

Martin Tsang—UM Libraries

Giovanni Turner—English

Lucina Uddin—Psychology

Stephen K. Urice—School of Law

J. Albert C. Uy—Biology

Floria M-K Uy—Biology

Francisco Valdes—School of Law

Brian D. Valencia—Theatre Arts

John R. Van Beekum—Art and Art History

John C. Van Leer—Ocean Sciences

Albert Varon—Anesthesiology

Dina K. Varon—Surgery

Pedro Villarreal—School of Education and Human Development

Jim Virga—Cinema & Interactive Media

Kurt Voss-Hoynes—English

Tsitsi D. Wakhisi—School of Communication

Robyn Faith Walsh—Religious Studies

Yunqiu (Daniel) Wang—Biology

Trent Watkins—Frost School of Music

Tim Watson—English

Robert Weiner—Frost School of Music

Richard S. Weisman—Pediatrics

Deborah Jones Weiss—Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Jonathan West—Political Science

Lisa Wheeler—UM Libraries

Ashli White—History

Barbara Whitlock—Biology

Athula Wikramanayake—Biology

Kira Willig—School of Law

N. David Williams—Theatre Arts

Eiko Isogai Williams—Modern Languages & Literatures

Elliot Williams—UM Libraries

Mari Williams—Modern Languages & Literatures

Nan Yang—Management

Dileep R. Yavagal, MD—Neurology

Tian Ying—Frost School of Music

George Yudice—Modern Languages & Literatures

Tallys Yunes—Management Science

Karen C. Young—Miller School of Medicine

Tanya L. Zakrison—Department of Surgery

Stephen F Zdzinski—Music Education

Gecheng Zha—Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Markus Zisselsberger—Modern Langagues & Literatures

Cengiz Zopluoglu—School of Education and Human Development[/su_column]