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Flaunt American pride with Election-Day fashions

While voting is definitely your biggest priority this Nov. 8, don’t forget you’ve got a great stylistic opportunity, too. Flaunt your national pride this Election Day with candidate-inspired fashion. Whether you’re liberal, conservative or just fearing for our country’s future in general, make sure to cast your ballot in this season’s top trends.



I’m with Fur

Represent all things feisty and femme in some Hillary-inspired fringe. This jacket means business, but the sweater says, “I’m hip with the kids.” Top off the look with a pair of shoes the color of Trump’s toupee so you can stomp all over the patriarchy.


Make America Gray Again

Nothing says young conservative like high-end normcore and a red baseball cap. With these khakis and a gray crew, people will question if you’re a dad yourself or if you’ve simply been dressed by your father. For the final touch, add this sleeveless puffer with roomy pockets for hands of any size.

Bernlievers Never Die

Perhaps you spent too long hand-embroidering this French bulldog sweater to notice Bernie is no longer in the running. But alas, you found yourself at the polls anyway. The least you can do is dress well. Your acid-wash jeans and round glasses are the perfect pairing to protest all of your political options. Bernie may not be your next president, but he can still inspire your fashion choices.

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