The View: 3 political TV shows as dramatic as Election 2016

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

It’s hard to ignore the parallels that can easily be drawn between reality and some of our favorite political-based TV shows. The headlines shown during the “Veep” theme song are nothing we haven’t seen before, The First Lady taking a stab at running for president is not only the current storyline on “Scandal,” and the question of fitness for presidency posed in “Designated Survivor” is strikingly similar to what we’ve heard in the debates. Listed are three TV shows you can watch right now that may make you feel like you’re experiencing déjà vu.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus said it best in her Emmy acceptance speech for her performance as President Selina Meyer: “I think that ‘Veep’ has torn down the wall between comedy and politics. Our show started out as a political satire, but now it feels more like a sobering documentary. So I certainly do promise to rebuild that wall and make Mexico pay for it.” Season five was centered around what happened after the fictional election, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw some similarities in the real one.

A sobering documentary @VeepHBO

— Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD) October 7, 2016


A TV show ripped from the headlines or the headlines ripped from a TV show? The current game-playing in politics and the media have you wondering whether Shonda Rhimes is the executive producer of this election season. As it is, “Scandal” is a must-watch, brilliant show about D.C. corruption, and with election day creeping up quickly, it’s felt like we’ve already watched season six with all of the scandals in real life this fall. An affair in the Oval, sometimes unconventional foreign policy, accusations of secrets and lies – guess if I’m talking about our Nov. 8 choices or Scandal’s various plots.

Do you think Hillary has ever said this to Bill?

Nothing and no one is getting in Mellie’s way. #Scandal #ScandalFinale

— Scandal (@ScandalABC) May 12, 2016

Designated Survivor

In its pilot season, this ABC show about catastrophe and politics doesn’t fall too far from the network’s tree. However, the idea of the fictional government being in evident disarray doesn’t fall far from reality’s tree either. Tom Kirkman, a president whom some other politicians can’t seem to get behind, and not necessarily the first person you’d think to elect to the Oval, sounds awfully familiar to a current candidate. And, you know, this too…

“General…” #DesignatedSurvivor and

— Designated Survivor (@ABCDesignated) October 13, 2016

Don’t forget – it may be too late to register now, but if you are registered to vote, make sure you go to your assigned local polling place on Nov. 8 and have a voice in this election. If I can’t convince you, maybe President Grant of “Scandal” can.

Join @MattMcGorry and me in our very own #swingstate as we have a chat about what it means to vote. #useyourvoice

— Tony Goldwyn (@tonygoldwyn) September 28, 2016