Choose imperfect experience over vague promises

The word “nontraditional” barely even begins to describe this election season, which poses a problem for a student newspaper editorial staff deciding whether to endorse a candidate. It’s been a long road to Election Day, and at times it seems like news coverage is starting to sound like a broken record replaying the same narratives: Hillary’s experience but lack of trustworthiness and Trump’s “outsider” appeal tainted by offensive outbursts. 

Based on a majority, but not unanimous, consensus, The Hurricane endorses Hillary Clinton for president. Our publication’s content is largely targeted toward students, and we believe Clinton’s presidency will better serve our generation.

As college students, most of us will soon be entering the job market at the most tentative, entry-level positions, without much experience or robust qualifications. We will be beginning our careers while the country is being run by whoever gets elected on Tuesday.

Vice President Biden put it best at the Democratic National Convention: “His cynicism and undoubtedly his lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in that phrase he is most proud of making famous: ‘You’re fired.’ I’m not joking. Think about that.”

Trump promises to create jobs but built his own career by destroying others’. He promises to bring jobs back to America, yet his businesses shipped them overseas. Trump’s jobs plan is essentially a description of his tax plan, an unfortunate reversion to ineffective trickle-down economics.

Clinton, on the other hand, promises to continue the legacy of President Obama, who pulled America out of a recession in his two terms. She has the experience, the leverage and the temperament to make real change in our communities.

Clinton’s detailed 100-Days Jobs Plan would invest in clean energy and encourage more development of the industries of tomorrow. Clinton also supports a $12 minimum wage and will continue her record of working toward equal pay for men and women when in the White House.

For those of us who will graduate with debt, Clinton’s plan for refinancing loans will limit repayments to 10 percent of income and cut loan interest rates for around 25 million students and graduates. Trump’s website also says that he wants to make sure colleges are making a “good faith effort” to make higher education affordable, but with no specific plans. He has also proposed cutting or eliminating the Department of Education, which funds Pell Grants.

During her campaign, Clinton has struggled to gain voter trust and present herself as a relatable voice of the people rather than a dehumanized, dishonest politician. As a prominent public figure for over 30 years, Clinton has made more than a few enemies, and scandals and accusations were bound to arise. But we at The Hurricane would rather elect an impersonal politician with a mixed track record than someone whose shortcomings are dangerous, indisputable and increasingly evident.

No matter who you support this election season, make your voice heard by casting your ballot this Tuesday. For more of The Hurricane’s election coverage, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Editorials represent the majority view of The Miami Hurricane editorial board.

Correction, Nov. 3, 2016: This editorial previously had the spelling “Clinton’a,” which is incorrect. The correct spelling is “Clinton’s.”