Have a scary good time this year with Halloween dos, don’ts

webandi / Pixabay
webandi / Pixabay
webandi / Pixabay

Before participating in the holiday’s devious debauchery, check out these tips for how to make the most of Halloween this year.

  • Do go all out when creating a costume. When you’re picking a costume to make, think of something crazy that everyone will remember, even if they don’t remember the rest of the night. Buy a crazy wig or mask, pack on bright makeup and take risks with your accessories.
  • Do wear something sexy if you want. Halloween is the time to wear something you can’t get away with any other day of the year. Don’t be afraid to show a little – or a lot – if you dare. If you’ve got a hot bod, Halloween is the time to flaunt it.
  • Do wear couples’ or team costumes. Team and couples’ costumes can be awesome if you have a significant other or enough friends to pull off something unique. The best couples’ and group costumes are where everyone goes all out and has fun with it.
  • Do go out and have a good time, but stay safe. It’s Halloween, so don’t be afraid to party and get crazy, even lit – but please, get lit safely. Watch how much you drink, and make sure you have a friend with you who will have your back if things get too wild.
  • Do Uber everywhere. If you’re going to a party, you’ll likely be drinking, and if you’re drinking, you don’t want to be driving. Instead, take an Uber. It’s cheaper and safer.
  • Don’t spend hundreds of dollars at the party store for a costume. Try to use clothes you already own to create your costume. It’s a fun challenge, and you’ll save a lot of dough. Sure, pick up some accessories and props at the party store, but don’t empty out your wallet on an event that lasts only one night. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your costume fitting right if it’s something you already own.
  • Don’t show up almost naked for a party. While sexy costumes are encouraged, there comes a point where allure is traded for shock value. Leave some things to the imagination. Guys, don’t make your entire costume just a speedo, and girls, please don’t wear only a bra and a thong. Leave lingerie for the bedroom.
  • Don’t wake up somewhere you don’t recognize. Don’t stop yourself from having a wild Halloween if that’s what you’re feeling, but know your limits. It’ll suck to start off November waking up hungover in a bed you don’t recognize or on a sidewalk. Stick with a friend you trust, and make sure to leave with the friend you came with. Nothing’s more confusing than waking up next to a half-naked vampire, witch or zombie.
  • Don’t wear a generic costume. Ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies – we’ve seen it all. Think outside the box. It’s worth putting in a little more effort to make a costume your friends won’t forget.
  • Don’t have your party on Halloween night. Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so it’s not the best idea to have your party that night – you don’t want to show up completely hung over to class.

Feature photo courtesy Pixabay user webandi.