Catch up on cult classic movies this Halloween

Students dressed up in corsets and stockings for Friday's Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Cosford. Rachel Korotkin // Contributing Photographer

Prefer a scary movie night and binging on candy and popcorn to a wild night out on Halloween? You’re not alone. Check out these four cult classic movies to fuel your Netflix n’ chill session with your spooky bae or ghoulish friends this upcoming Halloween.

“Donnie Darko”

The world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. This is the message that Donnie Darko, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, receives about a month before Halloween. “Donnie Darko” is a confusing yet understandable movie. There is a plane engine crash, time travel, hallucinations, comedy and violence. A love story even sneaks its way into this thrilling masterpiece. Written and directed by Richard Kelly, “Donnie Darko” boasts a strong cast including Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell, Patrick Swayze and Seth Rogen’s first appearance. Whether it is your first time or 10th time, “Donnie Darko” is always worth a watch.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Tim Burton has a reputation for creating the strange. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a perfect example of one of Burton’s weird and unique creations. This dark, animated musical film is based on a poem written by Burton. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. He becomes dissatisfied with the same old Halloween each year and finds Christmas Town. He tries to join the worlds together and various twists-and-turns follow. The music, animation and plot all contribute to the cult status of this Halloween classic.

“Night of the Living Dead”

“Night of the Living Dead” (1968) is one of the first zombie movies and one of the first Halloween horror movies to gain a cult following. Seven people are trapped in a farmhouse near a cemetery as monsters of the living dead come to attack. It is gory, and it’s culturally significant because it heralded the rise of zombies in film culture. The makeup, costumes and theatrics solidify this cult classic’s greatness.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Possibly one of the most unique and mysterious films ever to be created, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a musical-comedy horror film that has maintained a cult following since its premiere in 1975. The film, based on the play written by Richard O’Brien, stars Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. Bostwick and Sarandon play the role of a couple whose car breaks down near a mansion. They seek help in the mansion, where things get weird. The mansion is owned by a cross-dressing alien (Curry) who tries to seduce both the boyfriend and girlfriend. Eventually, the servants take control and release the couple. As tradition goes, this movie is usually watched at midnight around Halloween, and frequently, audiences dress up, too.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will play at the AMC 24 at 10 p.m. on Oct. 21, 22, 28, 29 and 31. Cosford Cinema will also have a screening at 11 p.m. on Oct. 28 and 29.