Hard Rock Stadium comes with benefits for game day experience

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross deserves high praise for contributing his own money to renovate Hard Rock Stadium. For the most part, the new additions and updates to the stadium have completely changed the atmosphere for the better, but there are still some improvements to be made. Without further ado, here are my expert opinions on the newly-renovated Hard Rock Stadium:

The canopy

This is a wonderful thing. As someone who experiences heat exhaustion after spending more than 10 minutes in direct sunlight but also refuses to miss a football game, it will save me much pain and suffering.

However, the canopy has a downside. Prior to the addition of the roof-like structure, the old Sun Life Stadium had a pretty decent breeze blowing through it. Now that the roof has partially enclosed the facility, the breeze is gone. As such, we’re saved from the heat but not from the stifling humidity that results from 60,000 bodies in a confined space. Before I can say I’m fully comfortable with the canopy, there needs to be some airflow.

The sound

The new and improved sound system coupled with the acoustics created by the canopy have resulted in a much louder, more intense atmosphere – which may make up for the lack of noise outside the stadium since Hard Rock instituted a “no speakers at tailgates” rule. Don’t worry. You all will survive the lack of blaring music in the frat field of dreams. I promise.

The old sound system had a maximum volume that was so low it was hard to effectively pump up the crowd by playing songs and sound effects. As such, this particular addition will contribute to a livelier atmosphere during the games.

The living room-like seating at the 50-yard line

Although I can’t currently benefit from the addition of this section to the seating options because I’m a broke college student, I have high aspirations of one day making enough money to sit there. We’ll see how it goes. But for now, I’ll be stuck envying the people who do sit there.

The concessions

They claim they’ve added a wider variety of places to eat and types of food available. Maybe it’s just because I’m an extraordinarily picky eater, but I haven’t noticed much of a difference in the concessions offered because I always end up getting a Papa John’s pizza. That’s on me. But for all you culinary adventurists out there, I hope you enjoy the range of concessions for those of us who refuse to try new things.

The renovations have had a positive impact on the game-time atmosphere and general satisfaction at the games, but there are definitely some improvements to still be made.

Dana McGeehan is a junior majoring in history and media management.