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Farmers market brings local, healthy products to campus

If you haven’t been to the University of Miami’s farmers market, you’re missing out.

Every Wednesday, vendors from the local Miami area congregate at the Foote Green for the Well ‘Canes Farmers Market.

Customers are provided with a variety of healthy products, including locally grown and organic produce, baked goods and fresh juices. Trending products like bubble tea and acai bowls are also available.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the weekly display.

“My favorite is the gyro stand,” graduate student Marcus Grant said. “It’s really, really good and you get a good bang for your buck.”

“It’s actually my first time here and I really like it,” senior Shira Mendelsohn said. “I always walk through it and get samples, but I can never make a decision. I guess it’s just intimidating because there are so many options and it’s more expensive than a snack, but it’s definitely worth it.”

The market is approaching its sixth year on campus.

“I’d say it’s grown over the years, but it changes more in terms of the vendors depending on what’s popular,” freshman Roxy Suarez said. “It’s only my first year at UM, but I’ve been coming here with my family since I was in the seventh grade.”

“I feel like this year there are more ready-made food places,” sophomore Laura Lassen said.

Though the market offers a wide variety of products, students joked that the more options there are, the better.

“I’ve been coming here for two years straight and the market has been pretty consistent,” junior Koa Ho said. “It’s grown, but I think that I just want more. It’s never enough.”

“If I would suggest something it would be an Italian ice stand … because it’s Florida. You know, it’s hot,” Grant said.

When asked about their experience working the market, vendors expressed their enthusiasm about the location.

“There are a lot of beautiful, intelligent people here and the money is good,” pastry stand owner Thomas Forstmann said.

Leslie Godsil, owner of the vegan banana bread stand, said that she was thankful for the setup and that the UM farmers market was her favorite.

“This spot is really nice because of all of the trees,” Godsil said. “Since we’re not in a parking lot, the grass takes up a lot of the heat and we don’t get it bouncing off the asphalt at us. It’s also a lot better here because the breeze goes through.”

Jennifer Rebello, owner of the OM tea stand, expressed her gratitude for the students.

“This is my second year selling at UM,” Rebello said. “Everybody is very friendly and loyal, so I really like it. That’s the good thing about this market. You get people to come back and remember you.”

In addition to the amicable qualities of the UM community, vendors have also noticed a shift in the mentality of the students.

“At this farmer’s market, I notice a lot of the young people and I’m very impressed because they are so into health,” said Jamaican stand owner Paulette Chin Loy. “This generation seems like they are going to change the future, going back to all-green and all-natural products.”

“We find that the type of people that stop by here are educated and are trying to find out what you are to eat and what you are not to eat,” said Paulette’s husband, Herman Chin Loy. “That’s because this is an institution where people are learning, so let’s hope they remain health-conscious and continue to move in this direction.”

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