The View: The life of Olivia Pope through Instagram

If our favorite fictional, white hat-wearing D.C. powerhouse Olivia Pope had an Instagram account, we’d hit the follow button faster than you could say “it’s handled.” While we impatiently wait for season six’s premiere, and baby Washington’s birth several months from now, here’s what I imagine the Instagram feed of every Scandal fan’s #WCW would look like.

Her bio would obviously have to state her priorities. Olivia’s a woman who knows what she wants.


And of course her posts would be amazing because can Olivia Pope ever really do anything wrong? I mean, maybe she’s committed some felonies here and there, rigged an election or two and had an affair with the leader of the free world, etc. But who’s keeping track? She’s otherwise the person we all want to be, and her like-worthy Instagrams prove it.

Aside from the occasional Gettysburger, Olivia’s diet solely consists of wine and popcorn. So while everyone else on your feed is posting their picturesque Sunday brunches, what you see is what you get with Olivia’s photos.


Since Olivia is known for never committing to just one person, she has to Instagram with both of her man crushes. Maybe each needs his own hashtag: #FitzFriday and #StandInTheSunSundays.


Olivia is no stranger to the White House. As former First Lady, current presidential campaign strategist and forever friend of the staff who work there, the White House can be considered her second home.


Talk about someone who really lives by the motto, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” However, at the end of the day, she knows friends come first. Gladiators are always there for one another.


It’s no secret that Olivia uses the “white hat” power analogy as a way of life. It’s rather uncharacteristic that you’d ever catch Olivia without the confidence of a goddess, which is why she believes white hats never go out of style.