Mark Richt confirms lack of role in dismissal of defensive players from Hurricanes

Marc Richt discusses the football team's future at Signing Day in February at the Schwartz Athletic Center. Kawan Amelung // Staff Photographer

Head Football Coach Mark Richt has confirmed on his WQAM radio show that he did not play a part in the dismissal of former defensive players Jermaine Grace and Al-Quadin Muhammad.

“It’s sad that it happened,” Richt said on the Joe Rose Show. “Somebody had to make the decision. It was made, yeah, by our administration.”

Richt said he was aware of the NCAA investigation, but was not kept highly informed about the issue.

“Yeah, well, I was getting a rough idea of what was happening but I wasn’t totally in the loop,” Richt said. “It was something that had started prior to me getting here actually and it was handled by them.”

The coach talked about how the news is disappointing, but that “the decision had to made.”

Richt said that Director of Athletics Blake James was the one who told players of the news. Due to the busy meeting and practice schedule, the head coach was only able to send a text message instead of speaking to the players face to face.