Dear V: New year, new me?

Dear V,

I’m a freshman that just started school at the U. My nose is crooked from an accident in middle school. It never bothered me much, as I’m from a small town in the Midwest and, there, people couldn’t care less about your appearance.

At least, they care a lot less than here in Miami. It’s the first week of classes, and half a dozen of people have already asked me, “What happened to your nose?” Now I feel like that’s all anyone sees when they look at me. Even worse, I keep having to retell the same story. At home, my friends already knew what happened. But here, I’m meeting brand-new people every day who all want to know the story behind my nose.

I’m starting to consider a nose job. I never thought I’d want one, but yesterday, I looked up cosmetic surgeons and picked one out. I still feel a bit unsure, though.

Is it bad to get surgery so people will stop asking about my nose? I feel like I’m giving in to other people’s questioning, but it might make me feel better.


Rhinoplasty Lassie


Dear Rhinoplasty Lassie,

First thing’s first, it’s never bad to change something about your appearance if it makes you feel better about yourself. Whether it be dieting, tanning, surgery, hair dye or even giant gauges in your ears, your body is yours, so don’t feel guilty for doing what you want with it.

That being said, it sounds like you’re having second thoughts. Surgery, no matter what kind, is a big deal. While it may remove the dent from your nose, it’ll put that dent back in your wallet. And with any medical procedure, there are always risks, side effects and recovery involved.

Miami’s infamous for being vain. Between all of the liposuctioned bellies, supersized boobs and inflated Kylie Jenner lips, it’s hard not to be tempted to want to fit in. However, while Dr. Miami’s work is certainly convincing, it’s important to remember that those bellies, boobs and lips aren’t real.

When you look around, you probably think everyone looks better than you. Funny thing is, they’re looking at you and thinking the same thing, wishing they had your hair, skin or legs. Don’t get wrapped up into envying other people’s appearances. Instead, embrace that you’re beautiful in your own way.

If getting a nose job would genuinely make you feel more confident, then take the leap. However, if you’re feeling insecure because of the pressure to be perfect, don’t jump the gun. You’ll get used to the superficiality and vanity quickly. And trust me, not everyone here is like that. You’ll soon find a group of friends that supports you and realize you’re happier than ever.