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Students excited to laugh with Dave Coulier from ‘Full House’ at the Rat

Cartoon voices and sounds of laughter filled the Rat when Dave Coulier, known for his role as Uncle Joey on the popular ‘90s TV series “Full House,” performed stand-up comedy Wednesday night. His appearance at the University of Miami was part of his Cut It Out College Tour.

The line of students waiting at the doors to the Rat curved around the Shalala Student Center. Student Government Vice President Ishpreet Singh said the length of the line was indicative of student body buzz about the event.

“I’m very, very excited. I know other students are, too,” he said. “You can tell from the line of people and going inside that a lot of people are really ecstatic. So, I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

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Some students waited longer than others, like sophomore Emily Broeckaert. A long-time “Full House” fan who even watched Coulier compete on “Skating with Celebrities,” Broeckaert waited for two hours outside the Rat to make sure she was at the front of the line.

“I’ve been here since 5:30,” Broeckaert said. “I watched Netflix in line.”

Other “Full House” fans attended like freshman Nicole Arguelles.

“‘Full House’ is my favorite show,” Arguelles said. “I’ve loved it ever since I started watching it while I was a little girl. I love Joey, I think he’s super funny. I’m just really excited to see him.”

The event was organized by the Hurricane Productions committees Daytime Programming and Special Events and the Cinematic Arts Commission. According to Alexander Kamphorst, chair of Daytime Programming and Special Events, the timing of the release of “Fuller House” played into their decision to book Coulier.

“This semester, we went through a couple different ideas before we realized that ‘Fuller House’ was coming out,” Kamphorst said. “We decided that would be a really cool thing to tie in with ‘Fuller House,’ and a lot of people remember ‘Full House’ from their childhood. Plus, he’s just a funny guy.”

Recording Coulier’s routine was prohibited. His performance was studded with vocal impressions, a talent he is known for, ranging from cartoon characters to celebrities and even musical instruments.

Junior Jessi DiPette said she enjoyed the relatable humor used in his routine.

“In so many ways, this man reminds me of my own family and stuff that’s happened in my own house,” DiPette said. “All I wanted to do was go up and give him a hug, like I would my own dad.”

DiPette was also impressed by Coulier’s adherence to “clean and family-friendly” comedy.

“It was great to get back to the original roots of comedy,” DiPette said. “Find a situation that’s relatable, find a funny twist and ultimately just tell the little things in life that make everybody laugh and smile. And I think he did a great job of that. It certainly made the middle of my week better.”

All in all, Kamphorst called the evening a success.

“My goal for the night was just for everyone who came out to have a good time,” Kamphorst said. “We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.”

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