WCGSports: Corn Elder, Michael Badgley unexpected heroes against Nebraska

Tight End Christopher Herndon IV (23), right, celebrates with teammates after scoring the first touchdown of the game against Nebraska Saturday. Matthew Trabold // Staff Photographer

Michael Badgley with the kick. It’s good! Miami beats Nebraska in overtime, 36-33. The room is going crazy.

Badgley kicked five field goals in the game and tied the school record for most field goals in a game in Hurricanes history, according to a Palm Beach Post article. Though, he wasn’t supposed to be the hero of the game. I don’t think any fans watching at home or at the game expected Badgley to have to win it for the Hurricanes.

Let me reverse time back to early in the fourth quarter: the Hurricanes were up 33-10 over the Cornhuskers. I decided it was time to take off because I had dinner with my parents in about an hour. While it was still possible for the Cornhuskers to make a comeback, it was highly unlikely based off the swing of the game.

I was on the shuttle bus heading back to campus, checking my social media and thinking of the night ahead. I saw that the score was 33-18 with over eight minutes left. “Not a big deal,” I thought.

About five minutes later, I noticed my radio boss Harry Kroll watching the end of the game on his laptop. As we’re watching, all the momentum shifted toward the Huskers. On the previous drive, Hurricanes safety Deon Bush was ejected from the game for targeting, right when a series of unfortunate events began.

Penalties were a key issue for the Hurricanes; they allowed the Cornhuskers to get back into the game. With Miami holding a 33-25 lead with three minutes to go, they faced a 3rd and 1 and were stopped. Nebraska had to go over 80 yards to score, and then they needed a two-point conversion to tie the game. Miami defensive back Jamal Carter was called for targeting and thrown out as well after a 41-yard completion. How could his possibly happen? Soon after, Nebraska scored and got the two-point conversion to tie the game.

Everyone on the bus was in disbelief while the meltdown was happening. One first for the Canes or one stop on defense would have sealed it. Now the clock was off, and the game went into overtime.

The shuttle bus dropped me off at Stanford Circle, and I sprinted with my friends along Lake Osceola to check overtime. That was my exercise for the day.

According to Category 5, only one player showed up to the game’s pep rally: defensive back Corn Elder. Why? I have no clue. Nonetheless, Elder came up huge in overtime, intercepting the ball and giving the Canes a chance to win the game. I turned on the TV in my floormate’s room as Miami got the ball.  A few plays later, we all celebrated when Badgley hit the game-winning field goal. Miami’s 3-0.

A win is a win.

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