Tropical storm Erika disappoints campus by ditching at last minute

WikiImages / Pixabay

Many students were disappointed this weekend after planning a welcoming party for tropical storm Erika only to have the guest of honor flake out.

Earlier this weekend, students around campus were preparing to throw a “huge hurricane rager,” as the Facebook event stated.

“Yeah, it’s going to be a blast,” said one senior as he stocked up on bottled water and Corona at Publix on Friday afternoon.  “You should totally come; it’s BYOEF, bring your own emergency flashlight.”

However, after all the preparations had been made for her landing, Erika reportedly tweeted that she was skipping town: “Tired out already, headed straight for the gulf tmrw for some major R&R.”

“That’s a really crappy thing to do,” one would-be partygoer said. “Like, have some decency to at least show up, or give us some notice ahead of time. Now I have to return all this SPAM that I got for the party.”

Glum students were seen opening their hurricane shutters and rolling up the large red carpet that had been laid out for the guest of honor on Sunday.

Jackie Yang is a sophomore majoring in neuroscience and English. The events and characters described in this work may be fictitious. Any resemblance to real entities is purely coincidental.

Feature photo courtesy Pixabay user WikiImages