Stay safe during back-to-school party frenzy

It’s no secret that the beginning of the school year is open season for back-to-school keggers, fraternity recruitment parties and Bud Light-soaked tailgates. Anyone who’s been around campus long enough knows that nothing is going to stop students from having a good time and blowing off steam outside of class.

But too much craziness can easily lead to dangerous situations, and all students need to be vigilant and precautious when going out.

There’s safety in numbers. In a group, a partygoer isn’t alone when taking accountability for his or her actions. There are more eyes and ears to watch out for a friend’s binge drinking and booze-induced stumbling, and there are more helping hands that can offer a glass of water or a shoulder to someone who desperately needs it.  It’s easier to resist the pressure to try risky activities when insulated within a group than it is as an individual.

Even so, students must know their own limits and act as responsibly as they can. Stopping yourself from taking the next Jell-O shot or making an impulsive move on the wrong person could make the difference between a fun, memorable night and a nightmare.

The university has tried to tackle the dangers of alcohol and substance use through AlcoholEdu – the online course all incoming students must complete. Whether or not students retain any information from AlcoholEdu modules, nothing will stop students who are bent on having a colorful drinking experience in college.

But a colorful experience doesn’t require an ambulance ride or a stomach pumping. Just enough assistance and discretion can go a long way.

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