Frenk must focus on boosting spirit

While past President Donna E. Shalala initiated a massive physical transformation of the campus to make the University of Miami a better place for 21st century learning, President Julio Frenk must continue that legacy by invigorating the school’s social and academic spheres.

One of the largest challenges President Frenk will face at UM is the lack of holistic student engagement in extracurriculars and school spirit. Whether it is low attendance at basketball games or a lack of engagement with Student Government, our student body seems disjointed and unengaged as a whole, despite the enthusiasm that may have been displayed at Canefest this Saturday.

Many student organizations find it difficult to attract a wide variety of students to their events. Instead, clubs find themselves limited to small niches. While the university boasts over 270 student organizations, there is a lack of unity and awareness among different clubs and societies. Achieving a culture of synergistic cooperation and increased student engagement among student organizations is a goal that President Frenk should keep in mind while working with student leaders.

The same kind of transformation must also be applied to taking pride in Hurricane sports and academics. While Hurricane athletics desperately tries to attract students with freebies, food and hype, the stands remain disappointingly empty. Though the Miller School of Medicine and UHealth are the pride of South Florida, improving other departments on the undergraduate campus are necessary for a well-rounded academic institution that students and faculty are proud to be a part of. If President Frenk can somehow get students riled up in the stands as well as in the classroom during his tenure here, he will have accomplished a significant feat.

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