Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious desserts

Design by Sarbani Ghosh
Design by Sarbani Ghosh
Design and photos by Sarbani Ghosh

It seems that no matter how much food is consumed during a meal, there is always more room for dessert – a biological phenomenon that can’t be explained. Accept the inevitable and indulge with this freshly baked list of desserts from around the world and where you can get your hands on them.


Arguably the most American of desserts, pie has made a serious comeback in recent years. It has gone from the hands of the archetypal grandma to the kitchens of chic Miami spots to become more glamorous while retaining its comfort-food feel.

To get some homemade pie, take a trip to Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies at 2818 N Miami Avenue near the heart of Wynwood. Their tattooed baker is no joke. He whips up classics like apple pie and cherry pie. Don’t be fooled, he also offers dreamy varieties like Crack Pie and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. 

Petit Fours

You know macarons and you know eclairs, but petits fours are some delicious and adorable French desserts that aren’t filling Instagram feeds.

These tiny little cakes look like they should be for a doll’s birthday party, but are a convenient way to sample several flavors without the burden of finishing off a whole cake a la Matilda. Spongy layers are joined by rich cream and topped with fondant or pretty pastel frosting to make a dessert that is almost too cute to eat.

Petits fours are a precious replacement for the usual box of chocolates, too. Stop by Atelier Monnier on 9563 S Dixie Highway for a café au lait and one (or seven) of these tasty bites.


It was that tray of strange-looking pastries your quirky aunt would bring to holiday dinners. You were probably confused by its texture and lack of decoration (No blue frosting? No fruit?). It is time to put an end to the mystery surrounding baklava, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made of crispy filo dough, syrup or honey and nuts.

When baklava is freshly made, it is the ideal partner to some hot tea or coffee. It is sweet and savory and the texture is a happy medium between crunchy and chewy. Although the treat has been traced back to the Ottoman Empire, there is no definite answer as to where baklava originated and many countries indulge in it.

Visit Shaddai on 9519 S Dixie Highway to get some authentic baklava. A sweet Lebanese-American family makes several varieties to please your taste buds.

Tres Leches

Ah, the three milks. If you have never heard of tres leches, you have not been living in Miami long enough.

It is a spongy cake topped with meringue, surrounded by condensed milk and drowned in evaporated milk and heavy cream. It is believed to have come from Mexico.

The consistency of the cake keeps it from being soggy, so all you have to do is find your way through the intoxicating mix of the tres leches.

Delicias de España on 4016 SW 57th Avenue (Red Road) makes a version with chocolate chips that is irresistible.

Gulab Jamun

Before you plan a trip to the colorful streets of India for some authentic Indian desserts, take the Canes shuttle to Coconut Grove. Bombay Darbar at 3195 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove is one of the only Indian restaurants around South Miami and it offers a dessert you can’t miss on your trek around the world of sweets: gulab jamun.

Gulab jamun is fried milk powder balls saturated with sweet rose scented syrup. They have a consistency similar to so-called Thai donuts, but with an unmistakably Indian flair in the rose syrup. Bombay Darbar will only include two or three in an order, but after a filling dinner, that may be all you need to check India off your foodie bucket list.


It’s more than just an emoji of three colorful balls on a skewer. Mochi is a Japanese dessert that can be either sweet or savory. Sweet mochi are made from chewy, sweet rice paste and filled with vanilla ice cream for a refreshing combination. To get your fill this side of the Pacific, check the frozen foods section at Trader Joe’s or stop by Mr. Yum on 1945 SW Eigth Street.


Ideal Friday night? The Godfather, spaghetti and cannolis. Not only are cannolis tubes of fried dough filled with sweet ricotta and chocolate chips, but they are also Sicilian. Sicily is well known for many delicious treats, and cannolis are not to be ignored. Salvatore D. serves bite-sized ones in a cozy atmosphere at 8760 SW 72nd Street.