Weightlifting organization ULift promotes general wellness

The University Center (UC)  is home to a new fitness club at UM. Founded last semester by current president and avid weightlifter Anthony Pumilia, ULift prides itself as an organization that caters to weightlifting and exercise aficionados on campus.

Under the mantra of “gains” – general improvements in any physical activity – the club seeks to bridge the gap between science and application when it comes to improving exercise techniques.

General meetings for ULift serve as discussion platforms on health and exercise topics. As an exercise physiology major, Pumilia uses knowledge from his courses and readings from scientific journals to provide current and verified information.

All members, including executive board leaders Lucas Aloisi and Andrew Ordille, review specific subjects such as sleep, alcohol and bodybuilding, and meal frequency. A speaker has also come in to explain the importance of research-backed methods when it comes to weightlifting.

“It’s hard to find correct knowledge on fitness, as sources tend to be biased and there are a lot of gimmicks,” Pumilia said. “It’s reassuring to be in the gym and create a community where everyone can help each other out. Spotting each other, trading dieting methods and lifting together.”

ULift has reached out to many students on campus who seek motivation in their active lifestyle and desire tips for improvement. Freshman exercise physiology major Alec Bizieff, who trained in high school, decided to go to meetings because he was interested in becoming a better weightlifter.

“The club helps me to be motivated to make goals, enhance everyone’s goals in the gym and makes exercise fun,” Bizieff said. 

Junior biology major Christian Marcus says he participates in ULift because it enhances knowledge of weightlifting and exercise, as “both together have led to better health experiences.”

Sponsored by large companies like MuscleMilk and Citadel, ULift’s pull-up competition will be held on Sunday, March 1 at 1 p.m. in the gym machine area of the IM fields.

Each rep will cost $1, and everyone who signs up has a chance to receive prizes from sponsors. All proceeds will go to the BioLayne Foundation, which funds research by graduate students in physiology labs.

ULift general meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. every other Wednesday in UC 211.


Featured image courtesy Flickr user Andrew Blight