Expand cultural boundaries with campus events


Upon entering the University of Miami, students are encouraged to diversify their college experience. Numerous student organizations and events at the University of Miami provide the opportunity for us to do so. Cultural celebrations on campus increase the awareness of diversity within the student body. Such examples include the Lunar New Year, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black Awareness Month (observed in February).

These organizations go to great lengths to make their programs exciting and impactful, not only for their members, but also for the whole UM community. However, the majority of people who attend these celebrations identify with that race or ethnic group.

In order to truly diversify our college experience, we should take advantage of all cultural celebrations on campus. At no other time in our lives will we have the same level of access to people from every edge of the world. It’s easy to want to keep to ourselves. We are creatures of comfort who like to surround ourselves with the familiar. However, in order to thrive within an increasingly globalized society, we have to be able to easily connect with all types of people.

The next time there is an event hosted by United Black Students, Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos, or any other cultural organization on campus, take a chance and join in. You have nothing to lose by participating in a group that celebrates their heritage. By going to these events, you have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone in order to experience a different perspective. That, as well as these celebrations, is a great way to meet people and make friendship that you may not find elsewhere.

This semester, broaden your mind by participating in a culture other than your own.

Taylor Duckett is a senior majoring in business law.