Playlist: Single on Valentine’s Day


Single on Valetine’s day? Don’t worry. Sure, you admit that sometimes you LOVE HOW IT HURTS, but this year can be different. You might cringe when you see all those HELIUM HEARTS at Publix or ask yourself why EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMEBODY BUT ME.

But the trick to enjoying the day of love is to turn it into a hopeful celebration.

So turn up the music and add some strut to your step with these upbeat anthems. Sometimes it’s when you REALLY DON’T CARE that love surprises you. So enjoy your singleness in the meantime.

Find a SIDEKICK and go have ridiculously spontaneous adventures. Bake some heart-shaped SUGAR cookies and make somebody SMILE. Forget the old flammes and would-be loves – they don’t know what they’re missing out on. Nothing beats spending A DAY WITH YOU.

Well that’s what I would guess anyways, but then again, I HAVEN’T MET YOU YET.

Note: Love How It Hurts by Scouting For Girls is not available on Spotify.