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Hotel offers beyond average experience

Image courtesy NYAH
Image courtesy NYAH

Whether you are looking for a special Valentine’s Day escape this weekend or an exciting Spring Break adventure with friends, NYAH in Key West is definitely the place to be. Take this as a PSA Canes: Spring Break is less than three weeks away, so start planning.

NYAH is turning your impression of what a hotel is upside down; NYAH’s modern and versatile spaces contribute to the uniqueness that is NYAH. If you don’t know how to pronounce NYAH, you are not alone. This fitting acronym simplifies the quirky but quaint “Not Your Average Hotel.”

Yes, the actual name of the hotel is Not Your Average Hotel. I am not joking. At first, this name may seem odd, but after walking through the door and experiencing all the hotel has to offer, you will develop an entirely new outlook on what is customary in hotels.

NYAH has the no-frills, simple, clean and modern style that all college students can appreciate—especially when the quest to find a fun and exciting escape often becomes compromised by the infamous college “Ramen-only budget.”

Luckily, for a fair price, NYAH offers college students the opportunity to indulge themselves in an ambiance incomparable to any other in Key West. The entrance to NYAH is not average because it resembles a small, quaint, white house with a front porch and, to the unsuspecting person, looks like a normal Key West house and not a hotel.

Having this novel Key West charm adds to the appeal and welcoming nature of the property. Once inside, the modern but homey feeling continues until the spacious courtyard exposes the astonishing multi-level veranda system with some of the best views in Key West, the three pools and two Jacuzzis to remind you that you are not home (or in Kansas) anymore. You, my fellow Canes, are in Key West.

The entire staff at the NYAH hotel in Key West was welcoming and professional. The overall atmosphere of the hotel — including the staff and guests — warrants an open and social environment where it is possible for all the guests to know each other. The desk attendants seemed very knowledgeable in their ability to direct us to the best places to visit and all the staff members seemed willing to do anything within their means to make your stay better.

Before going to NYAH, I only associated bunk beds with summer camp and children’s rooms and never thought they could be in conjunction with modern hotels.

I was wrong. At NYAH, many rooms are equipped with bunk beds, but these bunk beds are not your average bunk beds; they are far more comfortable. The one thing college students miss most is their bed at home; as soon as a guest lies down in one of the beds at NYAH, it is like lying in a sea of millions of cotton balls and feathers, but even better.

Just steps away from the pool, the rooms at NYAH were spacious and versatile for the amount of people in the room. For those of you who prefer even more room, you are in luck. NYAH has giant showers that can fit up to five people (actually tested). Each room is equipped with sleek wooden lockers that only open with your room key and are great for keeping valuables safe.

I was a little disappointed in the so-called “Happy Hour” which turned out to be more of a “wine-and-cheese-hour” than your conventional Happy Hour, and the complimentary continental breakfast was a little lackluster for contemporary college students’ expectations for a modern hotel.

I applaud NYAH in their gracious efforts to provide free Wi-Fi for their guests, but sadly they missed the mark with the Wi-Fi connectivity; it was very difficult to connect to and the service was weak depending on your location.

The one thing that the rooms lacked was having tables and chairs to foster fun among the people living in the room. The lack of table and chairs in the room further reinforced the atmosphere of a retreat-style hotel as opposed to a more business-oriented hotel.

An added bonus to staying at NYAH is gaining access to the 24-hour Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate machine located in the lobby—a necessity after a long night out. The comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of NYAH is great for groups seeking adventure in the Keys.

Oh, did I mention NYAH is only a short walk away from Duval Street, the most popular block in Key West? NYAH is perfectly situated near local entertainment hot spots and great restaurants.

NYAH lives up to its acronym of being “Not Your Average Hotel,” and I would highly recommend the hotel for any college students looking for an adventure with friends without going too far from campus or outside the country.

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