Ultimate guide to perfect gift giving for lovers of any level

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re fretting about what to get that special someone, don’t break a sweat, Edge’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is here.

First thing’s first, as much as this is a gift-giving holiday, Valentine’s Day is truly about celebrating with your sweetheart and there’s no price tag on that. The gifts mentioned below are merely suggestions, but if you choose to share something from the heart (from Tiffany & Co. to homemade cards), it’s sure not to disappoint. Love is priceless and Valentine’s Day is just the day to celebrate that.

Choose Your Sweetheart:

“We Know Each Other Like The Back Our Hands” aka The Long Term Couple

You know each other so well that you’re practically reading each other’s minds, but maybe you just want to do something different or reignite the magic for Valentine’s Day. Think about heading to Disney  World for the weekend. “The Most Magical Place on Earth” can also become one of the most romantic. If Disney is not your scene, a cute piece of jewelry, a sick pair of headphones or something meaningful (i.e. taking your sweetheart to where you had your first date) are great tokens of appreciation.

“It’s Not So Serious But We’ve Been Dating” aka Everyone Finally Knows You’re a Couple, But It Still Feels New

Let’s say you’ve been going out for a little bit, and though you’re no longer the newest couple on the block, you still have no idea what to get your sweetie. Don’t worry, they’re sure to appreciate a nice dinner out and something meaningful at the end of the night (roses, a candy heart, something you know they’d love, but never buy) – basically, something to ensure you always remember Valentines Day 2015.

“Yes, We’re In A Relationship!”

aka The Brand New Relationship Couple

So you’ve just started dating, and if it’s not so serious that you’re ready to splurge at Tiffany’s or Kay, a trip to the movies will not disappoint. Whether you love horror movies, chick flicks or an action packed superhero film, just make sure it’s something you’ll both like – and don’t forget the popcorn. Candy and roses also can’t hurt.

“Anonymously Crazy In Love Surprise” aka The Unexpected Valentine

If there’s someone you’ve had your eye on (and you think they want you too), then use the holiday as an excuse to make the first move. Share some flowers, candy or balloons with them, but don’t forget a Hallmark Card to explain just why you think they deserve the whole nine yards for V-Day.

“Elementary School All Over Again” aka Celebrating With Your Best Friends