Administrators address unauthorized ‘Pike’ fraternity activity

photo courtesy of An anonymous partygoer drinks from an ice luge during the “Call of Booty” party on Sept. 20. A video of the party was released three weeks ago on under the Miami Parties username. It has been played 1,333 times.

The University of Miami Division of Student Affairs sent an email to students Thursday regarding Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (Pike)’s unauthorized activity.

UM’s Gamma Omega chapter was suspended in 2012 by Pike’s national headquarters due to “violations of university and fraternity risk awareness policies.” According to the message, the university has received reports that students previously associated with the fraternity have continued to operate as an organization under the name “Pike” despite suspension.

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“Students have communicated that they are displeased, upset, and fed up with this small group of students who demonstrate an apparent disregard for rules with which all recognized student organizations comply,” the email said.

The letter is signed by Vice President for Student Affairs Pat Whitely, Dean of Students Ricardo Hall and Director of Greek Life Steven Priepke.

“Allegations have included vandalism, disorderly conduct, unsupervised off campus parties, underage alcohol consumption, and hazing,” the email added. “There also have been alleged instances of other serious misconduct at off campus parties that have reportedly been hosted by ‘Pike.'”

The email also stated that the house built on San Amaro Drive belongs to Pike’s national headquarters and is not owned or supervised by the university. There was no mention on which group will be living in the house.

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The administrators were explicit, saying that those who associated with the “underground” fraternity will not be accepted as official Greek Life members at UM.

“Male students who ‘rush’ or ‘pledge’ Pike are doing so outside of UM’s Office of Greek Life and their ‘membership’ will never be recognized by UM,” administrators wrote. “Those students will also never participate in any recognized program or activity in conjunction or partnership with any of UM’s fraternities or sororities.”

Pike was slated to return to campus in 2017, but in an article published by The Miami Hurricane, Hall said that the university has final say on whether or not the fraternity will return.

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“That return date is by no means set in stone and will certainly not be dictated by Pi Kappa Alpha,” he said. “So, if there is a belief by the university, or proof that Pike has continued to operate, they may never return to campus.”

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