Celebrate Super Bowl in style

Illustration by Emma Deardorff
Illustration  by Emma Deardorff
Illustration by Emma Deardorff

Football fans know what is happening on Feb. 1.: the game of all games, fueled by burgers and passionate support for the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. That’s right, it’s Super Bowl time! The 49th bowl – or as it is formidably called, Super Bowl XLIX – will kick off at 6:30 p.m Sunday, and you’d better be ready.

Amidst the chicken wings and standing ovations, there are clothes involved. Don’t know what to wear to your Super Bowl watch party? The Hurricane has you covered. Whether you are a die-hard Pats fan or simply a hot dog enthusiast, make the most of Super Bowl Sunday and dress the part.

If you have waited for this game since New Year’s Eve, you will most likely be donning a jersey with the namesake of your favorite player. Change up the same old routine by borrowing a friend’s oversized jersey and wearing it as a minidress with high-top sneakers. Pro tip: Wear some shorts made from soft fabric underneath for ultimate comfort.

For the jersey-less ladies, get ready for some grub. Pair a top in the color of your team paired with some ripped boyfriend jeans and slip-ons. Reaching for the pretzels in between screaming friends is never an easy task, so roomy pants will allow for more wiggle room.

As much as football is America’s favorite sport, some people just don’t get it. If you find yourself shamelessly in this boat (who cares about deflated footballs?), play it safe by wearing team-neutral colors. Both the Seahawks and the Patriots wear tones of silver and navy blue. A breezy denim button-down and black shorts is a simple way to stay out of controversy.