Setting goals paves way to successful year

At the beginning of every year, our timelines become congested with posts declaring “new year, new me.” Many see these posts and roll their eyes or scoff at the poster because he or she says the same thing every year. Every year, millions of people create New Year’s resolutions that they are determined to stick to, despite past failures. However, by mid-January, many have already given up on their resolutions, and have vowed to try again another year.

Resolutions are important and can be beneficial if used correctly. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” If you set a goal without a plan, chances are you will not meet the goal. If you’ve never been able to keep your resolutions in the past, maybe it wasn’t due to a lack of motivation or will power, but instead due to a lack of direction. Once you develop a clear cut plan of action, you will find that meeting your goals becomes that much easier.

Additionally, finding someone to help keep you accountable assists in goal completion. For example, let’s say that you made the decision to go to the gym twice per week. If you go alone, it’ll be easy for you to find reasons why you can’t make it. However, if you have someone going with you to keep you on track, you are less likely to blow it off. Find a few good friends and share your plans with them. There is strength in numbers, and the more people to hold you accountable the better.

Whether you’ve already given up on your resolutions, you are still trying to get started, or you haven’t made any at all, there is still time. The year is still young; whatever you do now will lay the foundation for how the rest of your year will go. If you really want this year to live up to the “new year, new me” mantra, the change begins with the goals you set and the plan you develop to implement them.

Taylor Duckett is a senior majoring in business law.

Featured image courtesy Flickr user Dafne Cholet