Homecoming concert mixes genres with Matt and Kim, Fabolous

Although seemingly a strange combination, Matt and Kim with Fabolous at the 2014 Homecoming concert made for a surprising mishmash of alternative and rap music.

On Thursday, the BankUnited Center transformed into a glow stick-illuminated, confetti-covered venue. During the evening, Kim booty danced over the crowd, Fabolous gave some heartfelt words and the mixed genres left some disillusioned.

Before the main acts hit the stage, University of Miami student DJs Grant & Duval and Littlefoot livened up the audience. Their performance was energetic, mixing popular songs like “Pompeii” by Bastille and “All of Me” by John Legend.

After a suspenseful musical introduction, Matt and Kim took to the stage, upbeat and wild. Matt playfully introduced Kim as “his partner in crime and partner in sex,” and she was constantly dancing and stepping up on her drum set.

The duo played all their fan favorites including, “Let’s go,” “Cameras” and “Daylight.” There was never a boring moment throughout the entire performance. Matt would occasionally blast the audience with a confetti gun while Kim threw balloons into the crowd.

“Matt and Kim were the best part,” said freshman Saud Boujarwah. “They are really great performers.”

After Matt and Kim’s performance the crowd began to dwindle. When Fabulous came on stage, it was apparent that he did have supporters, as many people sang along and waved their hands in the air.

The rapper sang “Say Ahh” and many of his own original songs, including his most famous, “You Be Killin Em.”

While students may not have been familiar with all the songs, the artists delivered for this year’s Homecoming concert.

“Both acts were entertaining, and the energy on the floor was a lot of fun,” said Nikki Wong, a member of Hurricane Productions. “Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show and responded well to the acts and props. The artists definitely had different styles of music, but people seemed to go along with it pretty well.”