Fake fall weather with fashion

fall2A Miami fall is more like an extension of summer than a separate season. While you might want to get your pumpkin spice latte iced, you don’t have to opt out of fall fashion. The UM campus, a virtual university-sized runway, is teeming with fall looks tweaked for the heat.

Upgrading your hot weather wardrobe for fall can be as simple as switching color: students are spotted in royal blues, burgundies, greys and mustards this season. And there’s no need for a full peacoat; a jewel-toned tank works just as well for a fall ensemble.

When it comes to shapes and textures, lightweight knits are a great alternative to chunky wool sweaters, and a cardigan popped over a crop top counts as fall layering in the South Florida heat. Instead of head-to-toe coverage, mix in fall pieces with summer ones, like a sweater with shorts or boyfriend jeans with a tank.

For prints, look for dark-colored plaids, leopard print and windowpane pieces. Leopard print is great for smaller items like shoes and bags, whereas windowpane and plaid lend themselves to larger pieces like a dress or a top.Fall1

If you can’t bear to pile more clothes on your body, pair fall shoes and accessories with a summer outfit. Switch out your sandals and tote for an oversized leather bag and ankle boots. Invest in gold statement pieces like a chain necklace or headband– but don’t worry, cost-conscious students, it doesn’t have to be real gold.

Whether it’s a plaid tank or ankle boots with shorts, there’s always a way to incorporate fall fashion in nearly unbearable heat. But don’t just take our word for it; stroll by the SAC or through the Green and you’ll see that fall –at least when it comes to fashion– really is Hurricane season.