‘Scandal’ season to prove more scandalous

Photo courtesy zap2it.com

The fall season brings more than just new classes. New episodes of “Scandal are finally coming back, and they promise to be yet more scandalous, even if they are moved to an earlier time.

“Scandal” follows the work of a political “fixer” named Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), who runs Olivia Pope & Associates, D.C.’s best in covering up scandalous affairs and sordid pasts of America’s most powerful people, ranging from White House staffers to the president himself. However, the greatest scandal of them all revolves around Olivia and her on-again off-again affair with the Head of State himself, Thomas Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn).

Followers of the television show will remember that season three of the series ended rather abruptly as a result of Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, which the writer of the show, Shonda Rhimes, decided not to write into the show. Instead of the normal 22-episode run, season three was cut short to a mere 18 episodes, leaving many plot holes unexplained. It also made many fans feel rushed into a devastating finale involving a tormented Olivia Pope traveling on an airplane with one of her beaus, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) to only Shonda knows where. This occurred after Olivia realized a startling truth: she is the scandal.

Now, Kerry Washington has successfully given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and fans can expect fewer scenes with random lamps, desks, and over-sized coats attempting to hide the ever-growing baby bump. Along with a longer season, a few members of the cast have left. Columbus Short, who played Harrison Wright, left the show after his arrest earlier this year. Additionally, President Fitz’s daughter has been recast. Karen Grant will now be played by Mary Mouser from”Body of Proof.”

One thing to expect from “Scandal” is, of course, a scandal. The television show has not been afraid to imitate real life in its portrayal of political and national scandals. There is the most well-known imitation in the affair between Olivia and Fitz. Mimicking the Clinton-Lewinsky extramarital affair, Fitz and Olivia share a heated romance that somehow draws viewers in despite the immoral nature of the affair.

However, more than clandestine affairs, “Scandal” depicts constant plots against democracy. From rigged elections that question the legitimacy of the voting system, to assassinations (both attempts and successes), promotions and cover-ups, to powerful corporations ruining lives while helping others, the show constantly leaves the audience in shock. With this shock comes the burning question: Could this actually happen?

“Scandal” also has a tendency to predict major scandals. In the third episode of season two, which aired Oct. 2012, the show depicted a whistleblower coming to Olivia Pope & Associates with evidence of massive government spying on the citizens. “Scandal” delved into the motives of the whistleblower, who ended up using the evidence to profit for himself. Less than a year later, in June 2013, the Snowden scandal lit up televisions as the news reported on the NSA’s widespread tracking of information and surveillance of citizens. Although Edward Snowden’s path does not follow the whistleblower’s in “Scandal,” the similarity of the two situations helps to demonstrate the relevancy and popularity of the show.

Season four of “Scandal” will premiere 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25 on ABC.