‘House of Lies’ soundtrack balances genres

The third season of the Showtime favorite “House of Lies” came to a close on April 6. To celebrate the conclusion of the season and help deal with post-finale withdrawal, kick back with the show’s self-titled soundtrack and take a stroll down memory lane with some of the episodes’ catchy tunes.

For those of you who are new to the “House of Lies” bandwagon, the series is a must-see. Don Cheadle stars as a seditious, highly successful business consultant who will do whatever it takes to get his clients the information they need – even if it means compromising his morals and ethics.

Kristen Bell plays alongside Cheadle in the dark comedy series as an engagement manager and Cheadle’s love interest/dissident. The series was renewed for a fourth season coming in 2015, so keep your eyes out for the latest installment.

While you wait, pick up a copy of the show’s unforgettable soundtrack. The bluesy compilation album consists of 12 finger-snapping soulful tracks that are perfect for study music or to play while you brush up those waltzing skills.

Songs range from rock and roll to rhythm and blues to soft folk rock. There are tracks by artists such as crowd-favorite Aloe Blacc, Gary Clark Jr. and even a charming jazz number by Count Basie titled “Belly Roll.” The soundtrack alone can drive you to watch the show if you’re not already a fan.

The record opens with “Bright Lights” by Gary Clark Jr., a sassy rhythm-guitar driven track that’ll definitely have you strutting your stuff when nobody’s watching. “Bright lights, big city going to my head,” sings Clark, evoking memories for those not native to the Magic City of the first time they walked down South Beach.

In the mood for love? Switch on “This Love is Here to Stay” by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl. Dybdahl’s suave whisper and smooth falsetto harmony is sure to make you want to dance. So get those sexy, hip-twirling moves on standby and watch the ladies and gentlemen fall at your feet.

Still feeling dancey and trancey after Ultra? “Brains Out” by Kim Cesarion will satisfy that desire. The song is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s legendary “Rock Your Body” and perfect for when you’re in the mood to break out that complex shoulder shake you learned off YouTube.

When you’re in the mood to wind down and get deep, check out “It Always Comes Back Around” by Michael Kiwanuka. If you’re a fan of bassy deep voices like that of Beck, then you’ll love Kiwanuka’s vocals. The track is featured on the season finale, so make sure you give it a listen.

If you’re into blues, funk and lots of soul, this album would surely float your boat. There’s a little bit of everything in there to round off a good time – so get crackin’. Even if you missed the finale, be sure to catch the show once the reruns start.

The “House of Lies (Soundtrack)” can be purchased on iTunes.