Singles should save the anger, spread the love

Valentine’s Day has gained a negative reputation among the single population. I hear the same complaints every year; it’s a “Hallmark Holiday,” or a day for couples to brag about being happy. Many have even dubbed the holiday as “Singles’ Awareness Day.”

This last attitude toward Valentine’s Day is the most telling. It insinuates that being single on the day of love is some sort of failure and hints at discontentment about being alone. This attitude needs to change.

College students are in a transitional time of life. There is nothing wrong with being single at this age or, for that matter, with being in a relationship. There is no “right” stage that everyone should be in.

With that in mind, let’s stop shaming couples that are happy with their romantic lives. There’s nothing quite like a jealous friend to ruin your Valentine’s Day buzz. Lashing out at the couples on Valentine’s Day won’t make anyone less single, and it can hurt people in the process.

Lovers aren’t looking down on singles with pity; they’re simply trying to enjoy the day together. Instead of putting those couples down, let’s collectively decide to be happy for them. Relationships are work, after all, and they deserve a day to celebrate what they have accomplished.

If you’re truly unhappy about being single on Valentine’s Day, think of it as a chance to re-evaluate your romantic situation. Without being negative and self-critical, consider how your choices have contributed to your single status. Is there something you can change to set yourself up to meet new people? Is it just bad luck?

After some self-reflection, make Valentine’s Day resolutions for the year. Set goals for yourself, whether it is to ask someone out on a date or just to become friendlier with the gender to which you’re attracted. Like anything else, make these goals realistic and attainable, that way you can feel good about putting in effort to achieve your goal.

Finally, be sure to enjoy the holiday. Spend time with friends, watch your favorite movies, or have a “me” day and treat yourself to whatever makes you feel good. Resolve to be a happy single this Valentine’s Day.

Amanda Wood is a junior majoring in ecosystem science and policy.

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