Traveling missionaries discuss sex, religion at UCatholic event

UCatholic brought two seemingly different subjects together Wednesday night: sex and God.

The student organization hosted a discussion led by Stephanie Brown and Dominic Li, two missionaries from Generation Life, a non-profit religious organization.

The discussion was titled “God Loves Sex,” which explored the philosophy of sex within a religious context. Topics included the status of sex in today’s culture and the doctrine of religion with respect to the purpose of sex.

Li confronted the issue of the taboo that surrounds sex life, especially under the religious umbrella. He said the goal of the discussion was to be more open about being comfortable with sexuality by “unpacking what sex means”.

Brown talked about the advantages of sharing stories, which demonstrate “how culture presents sex and how that has influenced our own view growing up and how that perspective has changed through faith.”

According to junior John Buonocore, the event was unique because it offered a different perspective that is not commonly considered on campus.

The event focused on a Christian outlook, but members of UCatholic, including sophomore Renee Reneau, believe students from all backgrounds could gain something from attending open dialogues about culture and religion.

“It is good to hear the opinions out there, whether you agree with it or not, it still exists,” Reneau said.