Dear V: Nice guys finish without me …


There’s a guy that I’ve been friends with for a long time who has always had a thing for me. He’s always there for me and he tells me I’m beautiful on a daily basis. I’ve been hesitant about being with him because he doesn’t rank too highly in the looks department, but I always thought that we could be something in the future. Anyway, the other day I found out that there’s some girl he’s been seeing and she’s even slept in his apartment a few times. What do I do? Should this make me forget about him? Is our future over? Ugh.

Even the nice guy is a douche


Dear John Tucker,

The poor guy has been waiting for you for God knows how long. Do you blame him for wanting to get some action with some chick he met at the bar? Because I sure as hell don’t.

You can’t just keep men lined up waiting for you. They have their own desires and needs that they need to satisfy and they’ll do that with or without you.

Have you been completely celibate since you’ve known him? Have there not been guys sleeping in your apartment too? I don’t mean to put you on blast here, but let’s be real – no one can survive loneliness for that long. You could have at least thrown the guy a bone and let him bone you. Then you’d have more reason to be pissed about this.

Plus, you basically told me you’re not attracted to him, so why do you care? Unless you’re actually truly, madly, deeply in love with him, you should woman up and just tell him.

If you’ve had this connection with him for such a long time, why wouldn’t you just capitalize on it? Who cares if he’s not that pretty? People can grow into falling for each other and you may end up being able to look past the physical flaws.

Try it out – you don’t need a Brittany Snow to help you see the error of your ways. You just need a Penn Badgley to have sex with and stroke his curly hair.