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Buns and Buns bakes, beautifies diverse bounty of bread

Hot Chocolate Buns. Photo courtesy Justin Namon
Sweet Succulence: Hot chocolate buns are one of the many desserts served at Buns and Buns by Sunset Place. Photo courtesy Justin Namon

“This, sir, is not a sandwich shop,” proclaims the menu of the new restaurant, Buns and Buns, which recently opened across the street from Sunset Place. The “breadery” focuses on offering  customers an affordable gourmet-dining experience.

The owners named the restaurant Buns and Buns after traveling the world and noticing each country had a unique place for bread on the dinner table. They decided to incorporate bread as the staple and focal point of every meal. There are seven different kinds of bread you can choose from to accompany your entree.

Upon entering the restaurant, you place your order at the counter where you can watch the chefs  prepare your food from scratch. This set-up allows patrons to ask the chefs about the different dishes and to interact with them.

The owners didn’t want to have waiters who were constantly hovering over their customers, so although you order at the counter, the staff is still attentive without being pushy. The service time was outstanding and the wait for food to come out was short.

Everything is made from scratch, so every bite tastes fresh. The breads are baked daily and the sauces are all handcrafted. The menu is inspired by the combination of flavors from various countries.

Buns and Buns has competitive pricing; it is possible to have a three-course meal and a drink for $30 or less. The owners wanted their restaurant to be gourmet without the pretentiousness of some high-end restaurants. They envisioned anyone being able to come in and enjoy themselves.

The prices range from $5 to $25. For $5, you can get an assortment of appetizers such as cheesy bites, clams and eggplant chips.

You can experience dishes such as the crispy snapper, chicken thigh and pork belly for $10. For a few more dollars, you can order short ribs, shrimp or even lobster tail.

They also offer six magnificent desserts for $8, such as hot chocolate buns, which are fried dough filled with chocolate, and the order comes with three distinct dipping sauces. They also have an assortment of red and white wines that can be ordered by the glass as well as $5 draft beer.

Buns and Buns has an urban feel and is perfect for any occasion. The lighting is low and it is a very warm and comfortable environment. The walls are lined with souvenirs from the owners’ travels to places such as London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Turkey. Buns and Buns also has a large high-definition screen used for showing sporting events such as Miami Heat games and the FIFA World Cup.

If you are looking for a place that allows you to eat high-end food without having to spend a lot of money,  head over to Buns and Buns.

For more information, check out bunsandbuns.com or you can visit their facebook page at facebook.com/bunsandbuns and follow them on twitter and Instagram @bunsandbuns.


If you go: Buns & Buns is located at 5748 Sunset Drive. It is open Monday-Sunday 6pm-11pm.

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