“Last Night” probes with questions about infidelity

As simple as a storyline could ever be, “Last Night” is, for the same reason, an insightful portrait of the delicate line between loyalty and infidelity.

With four stars of varying ethnicity, the film has a decidedly foreign feel. With Keira Knightley’s British self-composure, Sam Worthington’s Australian non-nonchalance, Guillaume Canet’s French flare, and Eva Mendes’s Miami hotness, the cast is perfect.

Like a theatrical piece, it strategically (over)considers every detail. The screenplay is crafty and rarely explicit, pairing well with the artsy flare of the cinematography that flaunts a quick succession of cuts. With its intense imitation of reality, it makes the viewer accomplice to the temptation the characters experience.

In particular, it taunts the viewer with a few questions, so make sure you watch it with someone to have a discussion with after the credits start scrolling aggravatingly soon:

  • Can accusing someone of infidelity actually plant the temptation to cheat?
  • Does “when” a relationship starts matter, even years later?
  • Is cheating with your heart more unforgivable than cheating with your body?