Facing fears fosters the greatest memories

In the past three and a half years, I’ve met some of the most incredible people and made memories that I’ll always treasure. Most of my memories aren’t the usual UM student’s. I didn’t attend many football games (I went to my first one this season), I only went to one Homecoming concert, and I can’t say I know every UM tradition inside and out.

I graduate in less than two weeks, and while reflecting on my favorite memories, I’ve realized that what made my college experience so amazing were the memories I made in The Miami Hurricane newsroom.

I don’t consider anyone on The Miami Hurricane staff as simply a co-worker. I really do see this paper as a family; I know I can rely on them for anything and that’s more than I could ask of anyone. They are some of the most intelligent, talented and – for lack of a better word – amazing people I’ve ever met. I can’t even imagine what UM would’ve been like without them. There’s no doubt in my mind these friendships will continue after we all finish at UM.

I’ve changed a lot since I was a freshman: I’ve now realized what I want to do with my life, I feel more confident about my dreams and goals and I’m blonder.

But the most important thing I’ve learned since freshman year is not to be afraid of taking risks. Every single risk I’ve taken since I stepped foot on UM’s campus has paid off.

It’s OK to be afraid. It’s OK to feel uncertain. But you’re cheating yourself out of life-changing experiences if you think you’re too scared to tackle your fears. If I hadn’t reached out of my comfort zone, I would’ve never interned at The Miami Herald, met my best friends or even have decided to apply to law school.

To quote my favorite singer, “Work hard. Play hard. Be kind.”


Nicky Diaz is a senior majoring in print journalism, and minoring in education and math.After graduating in December, she will attend law school in the fall of 2014.