Dear V: Leaving the friend zone …



I’m in quite the pickle, Dick. There’s this guy at UM that I’ve known my whole life basically. He hooked up with my best friend a few times right before college, but that was four years ago. I think he’s interested. Should I make a move or lay low?


A Sh**ty Friend



Dear Rachel in “Something Borrowed,”


Sometimes the universe throws us into unexpected circumstances that we can’t understand or really control.

Sharing lovers is honestly very weird, and sometimes even gross. Sure, you trust your friend to be a clean individual, but why put yourself in a situation where you’d be able to compare war stories from the bedroom? That could get real awkward real fast.

That being said, it’s important to let yourself be happy and explore any possibilities that come your way. Just because Rachel didn’t end up with Ethan and chose that wonderful hunk of a man Dex, doesn’t mean that you should discard this guy.

A girl needs a little bit of pleasure every once in a while, and since you guys are already friends, that intimacy should make for a great time in the sack.

You should talk to your friend and let her know what you’re planning to do. If she’s cool with it, then you’re good to go – no reason to feel guilty. But if she has a problem with it, you should take that into account. No relationship is ever fun if your friends aren’t behind you.

I’m sure she’ll understand and I’m sure you’ll get to have your fun.

Just remember, sisters before misters.