Delve into imagination with unique spring courses

ART263 Introduction to Glass Blowing 

Feeling artsy this coming semester? Embrace your inner glass blower and let your imagination run wild as you conquer the art of forming shapes and vessels from molten glass. During the two-and-a-half-hour sessions, students learn and develop the proper technique of working with a blow pipe, glass tools and heat to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

CLA220 Greek and Roman Mythology 

Travel back to the time of myth and legend as this course teaches you the ins-and-outs of Hercules and the rest of our favorite Greeks (and I’m not talking about sororities and fraternities). This class examines the prevalent political, cultural and social themes of the time through a mix of literary and material evidence.

ENG209 Creative Writing 

Tap into your stream of consciousness and learn how to express yourself through creative writing. The course allows students to develop their own writing styles through short stories and poems, but also allows the opportunity to analyze the works of renowned authors.

HIS265 Witchcraft in Colonial America 

If your knowledge of witchcraft and wizardry is limited to that of Harry Potter or the “Blair Witch Project,” then Witchcraft in Colonial America is an appropriate course to take. Explore the beliefs of witches and the act of witch hunting through a variety of lenses including religious, gender, psychological and legal viewpoints.

MCY127 Evolution of Rock 

In the mood to learn about some classic tunes? Jam out in Evolution of Rock and take a look at how the work of legendary rock stars has transformed into the musical styling of our generation. Throughout the course, you can expect various listening sessions to take your mind through the ages.


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