Dear V: Does he want to party with me …


I recently asked this boy to my sorority semi-formal and he agreed to come with me. The problem is I don’t know him super well, and I asked him because I’d like to get to know him a little more. I’m nervous he agreed to come just because he wants to go to a semi-formal (and is afraid he won’t get asked by anyone else). 

How can I tell if he really likes me for me or simply likes the idea of going to the party of the semester?



A little party never hurt nobody 


Dear Elle Woods,

We’re getting to that time of year when people are scrambling to find dates. Whether it’s for semi-formals or Christmas dinner or even New Year’s Eve, everyone’s rushing to make sure they’re not alone on that special day. And it’s a stressful time for all of us … trust me, I get it.

We have to be confident in ourselves and realize that if a boy expresses intent to be with us, it probably means that, at the very least, he likes us enough as a human being to spend more than four hours with us.

These events can get boring – and truthfully – very awkward. I usually recommend taking a friend or someone who you know very well to cut the tension and quell the awkwardness, but don’t lose this opportunity to get to know this guy. It might turn out very well for the two of you and who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself liking him more than you thought.

And if he turns out to be a douchebag of epic proportions like Warner who only got into Harvard Law because his daddy paid his way in, then just ignore him and dance the night away with your sisters. While these situations can be weird, you have to remember that at the end of the day, there are tons of people around that can act as buffers between you and your less-than-stellar date.

I’m sure he’s going to have a wonderful time with you, and if he doesn’t, then just move on to the next fraternity man. There will be lots of them at this party, and I’m sure you can find some guy on the prowl to release your sexual frustrations with.

Do yourself a favor and just move forward with this guy. Even if he’s going just to go to the party, it’s nice to have some arm candy every now and then.

Oh, and have some drinks before you get on that bus – liquid courage always helps.